Wednesday, April 6

Take me to another

Things have been busy around here as always. I think things are always busy for someone who has 3 little kids all at home, all 4 years and younger. I am so tired. but something about me, I hate missing the action. So I might be falling asleep on the couch but I will not take myself to bed without Brian because he MIGHT watch something fun, or someone MIGHT stop by... or I might miss food being made or whatever it is at 10 at night, I don't want to miss it. Lame I know. Then I am so tired at night but I know there are so many important things that I need to get done, that all of my fun things just don't make the list. Right now it is 815, I chose to blog but I just got the kids to bed and I have 5 loads of laundry to fold, kitchen floor to mop and then my room to clean. Then I need to listen to some conference that I missed and then read my scriptures, so by the time I get to my "fun" book or some fun TV show... I will be ready for bed. Oh and I just remembered that I haven't eaten dinner. But I have had a lot of fun with the kids lately! Cousins Avree and Olivia came over today while their momma went out and we made paper plate Easter bunnies, made a fort (forest as Stephen calls it)and played LOTS out side. Thank heaven for a trampoline and deck, and sprinklers!

This picture is kinda goofy, but this face is my FAVORITE face that Courtney makes. She sucks in her bottom lip and smiles the cutest, cheekiest smile! Love that girl. We are always kissing on her!
On Monday we went to our First Rangers Game of the season. We are haven't lost a game yet, I mean I love the Rangers of course, but really I think they have a shot again this year of going all the way. It was so fun and so full. I always always always love these games! Just the first of many for this season. We went with Garrett and our Cousin Brandon. We all had a lot of fun!

I am going on 2 weeks of not making dinner. I suck. I will do so well for a few weeks, then I have these patches of falling into my old habits. I make the kids something easy and then we scrape something up or buy something, or Brian cooks, which is always yummy. But I need to step it up and cook some food for my family. I really do feel bad!

So the kids have been talking about their birthdays, and Halloween, and Easter. Natalie has decided that she is going to have a my Little Pony birthday, dress up like Nala for Halloween, and then she is going to dress up as Izzy (Jake and the Neverland Pirates show) for Easter. hmmm, I think we missed that teaching moment of what Easter is. NOT A DRESSup HOLIDAY NATALIE!

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abby and paxton said...

You are so funny... Not wanting to miss out on what's going on all the time. If I'm tired, I'm going to bed... I'll hear about anything exciting the next day. Ha
You get so creative with the kids... Making bunnies out of paper plates. CUTE.
And, make some pizza for dinner. Easy and YUM! That'll break your streak. Or make tacos.... Super easy too. Good luck. You can do it.