Tuesday, April 12

Chase that Davy Crockett

We have been training the last 3 months, well honestly just 2, and finally the day has come and gone of the payout. We, my sister in laws and I, did the Davy Crockett Bear Chase Half Marathon in Groveton, Tx. I guarantee that no one has heard of that town, it is REALLY small! So after weeks and weeks of getting together Saturday morning at 530am for our long runs, we did it and it feels sooo good!! My Mother in Law Tori, and my two sis in laws (Anna and Kathleen) and of course me, we all headed down for a girls night in Crockett Texas and then over to the race in the morning. We arrived looking forward to a fun night and yummy pre-race food. We definitely had fun, and pre-race food, just not so yummy!! Thank you Elementary school in Groveton! Also highlight of the night was getting into our swimsuits and headed down to the Whirlpool we all had been so looking forward to. The best was going outside to find that it had been filled in by rocks and flower beds. Come one people, change your website for crazy hot tubbers like us! Not impressed! After one of those night where you wake up every hour in anticipation, we headed out to the race. We met up with pals Jake and Kelly who were doing the Marathon. No marathon for me thanks! We brought our camera running to try and take some fun shots, that plan didn't work so well! We all had a good run though. My time was 2:14. My goal was to beat Brian's time a few months ago or 2:17 so I beat that. During the race though I changed my goal to under 2:10. I was bummed I didn't make it, but I think we are doing another one in a month so that is my goal to shoot for then!

Way to go Kel!! You rocked those 26 miles GIRL!
So I'm running along, we had all kind of split up near the end and as I am running my last mile I look up ahead and see a shirt that looked very familiar. Our families chose to stay home as it was a 4 hour drive to the race. Well upon closer inspection, it was Brian and the kids there to cheer me on. I started to get emotional and I cried. It was the most wonderful surprise. I am totally tearing up just thinking about it again! Talk about motivation! It was awesome.

Nothing like a DQ Blizzard for a post race treat. Oddly enough my kids barely touched theirs, they must not take after mommy with this, MORE FOR ME! I love me some blizz!
So I was tired, my legs felt close to numb on the last mile, but I did get some energy boost around mile 10 so that helped me a ton. I think that if it was a few miles longer I could have done it, it was just knowing I only had to do 13 miles that made me tired on that last mile. I was definitely not as tired as my fam though. They got up at 330 to come and surprise me! So the kids zonked the whole way home.
Today was one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Natalie talks about her cousins all of the time. "Remember when we went to Disney world with BriBri?" "Remember when we went to Hawaii with Melia?" "I cant wait to play with Taylor this summer!" and so on and so on. She seriously talks about them ALL all of the time. So today I was skyping with my sis and Taylor and Natalie started to talk. Taylor asked her if she wanted to play pony's. They totally got all their pony's out and skype-played pony's together. It was so precious! I wish she could see the Miller cousins more. I feel so blessed to be near all of the Rawlins, how awesome though if she could see them all!


abby and paxton said...

Nat is so cute playing skype ponies.
And great job on the half. I am laughing at your hotel hot tub, pre race food, and bringing your camera on the run. So silly. Haha. That is so awesome of Brian to surprise you like that. He is such a sweet husband. Why didnt Pax pick up on some of his thoughtfulness (I can't think of the right word for the life of me). At least he picked up on the religion thing ... That's most important anyway, right. :)
Depending on how well(or not so well) I do in my half, I may run with you guys in May.

Kristen @ {K Leigh Ford} said...

Jeni! Way to GO on your half marathon! That's such an awesome accomplishment!
And Natalie is so cute! Man I wish I had that many little ponies!

Becca said...

wow, you are an inspiration cousin! that's seriously so cool!!!

Meagan said...

I just caught up on some of your posts. YOur kids are adorable...but I'm pretty sure I say that EVERY time I comment...buuuut it's the truth!!!

1/2 Marathon??? Mama, you are an inspiration to me! I need to get my butt up and get moving. It is just so dang humid and hot here I can't even imagine running outside.

Fun date night!!! I love going to games of all sports. So much fun to be apart of and people watch of course :-)

Meagan M said...

Way to go!! I'm so impressed! There's no way I could run that long!

The Skype with cousins sounds fun. I'll have to get Hailey to try it out with her cousins who are a world away.