Sunday, April 17


The AC in the suburban went out. It has been going out for the last year or so and it sucks when it does. It is humid and hot and horrible. With summer time coming fast, it has been in the 90's and we are feeling it. So we finally brought the car in, which means we all get to squish in the little car. It was NOT fun. Lets just say my kids ALL need to be separated all the time. This week we also had our friends from Houston come over for a pajama party, we had decided against a sleepover. But the party was a success with Pool time, painting nails, making rice crispies and watching movies. Boots felt a little left out of the nail polish scene but finally I gave into the clear polish.

We also went to a baseball game with them and the kids all got their very own camera jumbo tron time! Court knows how to work it for the camera!!

We are just waiting on the edge of our seats for the afternoon to hurry on by. Nana gets here today and we cant wait to see her and pick her up to spend the week. Brian and I are going on our annual anniversary trip and Nana is always awesome to come and chill with the kiddos. This year we are going to San Francisco and we are both really excited since neither of us has been there before. It is usually a surprise but Brian "got it out of me". He guessed states and cities and since I have NO poker face, he knew it when he guessed it. That little sucker. But it turned out better this way, now we can plan before hand and apparently I am not a good planner. Thanks for pointing that out B.


Becca said...

you guys are gonna LOVE san fran, make sure to get a big ol clam chowder bread bowl on the warf! too bad we moved, it would have been sweet to meet up!

Meagan said...

FUN!!!!! SO fun that your Mom is coming...I always miss my mom!! I wish she could come visit like once a month, but once every few months is still pretty good!!!

Have a good time! Can't wait to see pics from the trip!!!

Kelly said...

yea! we had a great time visiting...thanks for all of the fun! have a great time on your trip...can't wait to hear about it!

BrittanyB said...

You'll love SF! And you';; get a nice break from the heat ;) have a great time!

Alysha said...

I love that you guys do that for your anniversaries. that's awesome!!

Meagan M said...

I'm so jealous if all the traveling you get to do!! I love the anniversary trip idea though, and I might have to implement that one into my life. Have a fun trip!!

P.s. I LOVE that you drive a suburban. You're such a mom!