Monday, March 28


After church yesterday we had some awesome conversations with boots and Natalie about what they learned in church. Boots went on to us that on top of the temple is the angel pepper-roni, that Is one of the funniest things I have ever heard. Natalie learned about the holy ghost and so after asking about when she is 8 if she can get baptized, she then told us that the holy spirit would give her presents. We confirmed if she mention gifts, she said yes. We then put it together and explained to her that it is the gift of the holy ghost, not that he gives you gifts. She was disappointed to discover, candy wasn't the gift. Then she drew this awesome picture for me today, it is her with the holy ghost inside her head.

So now that Courtney is 6 months old, she is old enough to go to the gym with me, the kids went this week and she Did awesome. Having them all happy, no crying, is one of the best things when I am trying to get in a workout! She has also started sitting up and continues to smile ALL the time.

We are getting creative with pony time over here, they all were chillin on the fireplace, who knew that pony's were magnetic?!

I got home from girls camp last weekend and I was so happy to be back with my family, although this last week was packed with church stuff. I swear, i am as busy as my dad...who is super busy! But it was awesome. The weather was perfect since it was over spring break and fairly low drama level, for girls camp! I missed all my runs while there, including my 10 miler for the week, so when i got home I had a really hard week last week trying to get back in. Then Saturday was our 11 miler and it killed me. Less than 2 weeks till race day, I am hoping I don't feel as bad! So since my training has started in February, I have been trying to lose weight, mainly the baby weight. I am back to pre pregnancy weight but i tell ya, we sacrifice for those kiddos. It is hard!!


BrittanyB said...

you are super busy. .. I'm always tired reading about your going's on.

Alysha said...

I can't believe Courtney is 6 months already. That went fast!! And I LOVE angel pepper-roni that's the best thing I've heard in a long time!!

Meagan said...

Dang girl!!! I need to get motivated like that to run and get into shape. I'm below my prepreg weight, but I'll tell ya, my body sure doesn't LOOK like it is. I need to firm up!!! Here's to the summer!!! :-)

Pepper-oni....I laughed OUT LOUD!!!!!

You need to find Jill a husband in Dallas. She isn't finding any luck in OK. Too many cowboys...

Kelly said...

yeah for you miss skinny...can't wait to see yall! Courtney is sooo big...I'm sad we missed you last week!

aidanjordan said...

Run, Jenny, ruuun! Way to go on keeping up that goal. I am definitely not going to keep my resolution of running a half at the end of April. Until I can get my migraines under control I can't run. Boooo.

We NEED to get together soon.