Monday, June 21

True blue Texas

As we sat watching the us open tonight, we were shocked that Stephen sat there with us on the couch for a few minutes for watch. Just as it was almost over, boots stands up on the couch, raises both fists in the air and yells "go rangers"!

My computer has slightly been taken over the last few days, which I will blame my lack of posts on. I have tons of pictures I feel like but nothing to write without them! tomorrow I will picture blog, I swear.

We did however have a great weekend as always, and a fabulous fathers day. Brian got to golf almost everyday and I almost got a pedicure. An almost around here is pretty good! I rubbed some thick cream into my crackling, bleeding feet last night. I need to go so bad!
But I realized that Brian is the best. I knew this already but I am reminded everyday. What better day to do this than fathers day? He is an excellent father is all aspects, loving, kind, caring, generous, fun, but the best? His magic ninja "the force" powers. He can get Natalie or Stephen into timeout and behaving like an angel in seconds. It is incredible. But other than being the best father I could have hoped for my kids, I know he is the best husband ever.
He takes after his wonderful dad, whom we love and adore very much. Thank you for being such a great man Tony!

And last, but for sure not least, .my wonderful father. I love you so much. You are the most amazing man i know. You teach me and challenge me to be better, you care and love me and the kids so much. There is nothing I can say that can even come close to who you are but you are incredible.

So to the wonderful men in my life, happy fathers day! This obviously includes my radical brothers Dan, Brian, and Sean, but also my rawlins brothers chase, eric and Garrett. Love you all

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shahna said...

Brian is a keeper. I agree. I think he did pretty well for himself too. sorry we aren't gonna get to party with the Rawlins this weekend but have fun and we will get in touch when you get back.