Monday, June 7

end result

I got the redecorating bug the other day. I was sick of every single room in our house. Brian would kill me if I redecorated very much so I decided to take on the kids bathroom. I have been wanting to do something in there for a long time as we have had it purple and black for a long time, and change was IN ORDER!
I went back and forth between a few ideas, like pirates or under the water and finally decided on BRIGHTS!

Bathroom Before:
Bathroom After:Favorite idea and item in bathroom:
I had the kids hand paint these canvases in only the bathroom colors to put above the toilet and i love how they turned out. I love the whole bathroom. And it got out my bug to redecorate!
Our friends had us over for dinner and play tonight, always super good and super fun. Thanks guys!

Well we got a bunk Bed last weekend for the kids, since they will be sharing a room when baby comes. The baby furniture was all moved into Natalies room and all the rest moved into Stephens room. But Stephen is so not ready to be moved into a big bed yet, nor do I want them sharing a room yet... so he sleeps with the girly stuff on the walls, and Nat sleeps in Stephens room on the bunk and she LOVES it! Once we finish decorating in there I will post some pictures.

Nat started her second round of swimming lessons today and she got bumped up to preschool intermediate! The only thing she wont do in class is put her head under. Oh well, she is improving tons! I am glad we have her in the classes though since this summer is KILLER hot. It has been over 100 so many days now and the only time I am happy is sprawling out in the kiddie pool with some ice in hand. Seriously, this is going to be a long summer!

We also have been working on her "f" pronunciation with her. She will say it with a P sound. So I will say, Natalie say fffffffffff-lower. And she will repeat "ffffff-power" I am giving up, she will get it when she gets it! She wont do it forever so I am not at all worried or concerned about it!

Stephen is talking so much and is getting into more and more, if that is even possible. He is running faster, jumping higher, and doing more than I thought he ever could! I think he is the reason for my contractions, I think I should put myself on bed rest when he is awake! Probably the cutest things he says right now is "ko-kay" for ok, and the worst but still sadly kinda cute... "yucky boogers" while his finger slides up past his knuckle into his nostril. He is for sure a boy. Anyway, he is a special spirit and he brightens my day every second of it, even if he is busy busy!

I have said it before and I will say it again, I love being a momma. What a blessing!


Alysha said...

your bathroom looks so cute. and i love that you had them create art for it! i totally have the redecorating bug too, but haven't got around to actually doing it... one day
and i'm like natalie... i won't put my head in the water hahaha.

BrittanyB said...

that bathroom is so cute, and I love the "art" Genius!

BB said...

super cute! well done you cute momma! how are you feeling??

The Taylors said...

The bathroom looks great! I love it, I am going to steal that canvas idea, love it! And I am so jealous that you are having hot weather, it is so cold here!!!!! We just did bunk beds too and the kids love them! Good luck with that :)

Cichy's said...

Bathroom looks great! Very fun! Also jealous of your weather, we are just not so patiently waiting for some warmth! Lets see some pictures of YOU now!

jayme said...

So cute!! I love the art work idea. Will you come over and paint my rooms? I need help :)

aidanjordan said...

LOVE the bathroom! The artwork is fantastic! And when you get the urge to redecorate in a couple years, you can change the bathroom and let the kids keep their artwork. Perfect!

Thanks for making our Monday night not so boring! Sorry Shelby was so cranky. I don't know what I am going to do with that child.

Kelly said...

great job on the bathroom...I always love a it of color! Everything goes perfectly together and is all topped off with the move!

I love that decorating bug!

Spencer and Sara said...

The bathroom is AWESOME!!!!!

Meagan M said...

Sooo cute! I LOVE...really I LOVE the canvas idea. I was thinking of doing something like that...and now I HAVE too! The whole bathroom looks like so much fun. I'm tempted to turn the girls bathroom into a fun one too!

Chi-townRawlins said...

Oh, I need to come check out that bathroom in person. SO CUTE! Love how it turned out!