Monday, June 21

cheap cheap cheap

(disclaimer* my spell check isn't working and I dont want to go through and re-read it, thats how lazy I am today)

WOW! Our computer is so unbelievably slow. It almost makes me want to give up on blogging today... but I will do it! Here is my weeks worth of posts all backed up~

This weekend we kept really busy. Friday night we were up late preparing for a garage sale. This was our first officially ours garage sale and it was a huge success. I will give this tip to anyone who wants to do one though, SELL WATER and popsicles! We made a killing. It was also 100 degrees so who wouldn't want a water or pop ice right?!
So I open the garage to start setting up at 645. I wasn't starting till 730. PEOPLE are crazy. I had about 4 people drive up, look, and even get out in the first 5 minutes. They are nuts.
And you can tell the people that garage sale regularily. They try to fanagal the price down on ANYTHING! Even something that is already 50 cents, "25 cents?" come one people! The hard part for me was selling things that I have barely used and that I spent alot of money on, only to get a dollar or two. Oh well, better than in the trash!
ANyway, this was our big tactic.... the sign.
Little boys are so much fun. Stephen has nataurally been drawn to his cars and trucks. I was a little nerveous about the barbies, ponies and dress up with sis around, but he has really become manly on his own! My new fav thing that Natalie never did was line everything up. He will get all of his vehicles and line them up, move them to a new location, line them up again, and basically do this forever! Over and Over! After they are all lined up he turns around and says "More cars please". Looks like I know a birthday present for that boy!
His other boy-ism is sports. Yesterday we were watching the US open and right as it was about to end, Stephen stands up on the couch, puts both fists in the air and yells "GO RANGERS!" (MLB team here). He repeated the same thing today in the produce section at walmart. Love our little fan!
I was feeling especially domestic last week and wiped up some homemade pretzels with the kids. OHHH fresh, those things are killer good!

Then we moved onto applesauce. Super saucy and delish!
This is my favorite cup. (obvious reasons)
And since I have been contracting up a storm, getting headaches, and leg cramps I knew I needed motivation to drink more water. Nothing motivates me like Edward!
Also motivation came this last week for me and I have started a new workout program, I dont think the scale will go up like it did at my last Dr.s appointment this time (fingers crossed) and my muscles are sore and feeling great! I love the feeling of getting in a good workout and knowing your body is changing!
Poor stephen this week has been getting all beat up. He isn't clumsy or wobbly, just fast and curious. First a black eye, next day corner of a desk in the same eye. Next day same side of face but cheek on pavement at pool. Next day was forhead on something. At the play place at the mall on Saturday he got kneed under the chin and started gushing blood like I have never seen. I for sure thought we were gonna have to do an ER run but luckily it stopped and I think it will heal on its own. Yesterday was fall off chair, hit head on table. Then run into TV stand corner with head. I just think he is nuts.
Love these two

When She chooses her own outfits to go out in 100 degrees....


lynne said...

they are adorable! Lining up the cars is cute. More cars please! haha we'll have t get some for him to play with when you come here:)

Alysha said...

I love your cup!! hahahah that might get me to drink water too hahaha love it!
sorry to hear you've been contracting. that part is awful. i always started at 16 weeks and my stomach would be rock hard. Hopefully that'll mean a quick and easy delivery :)