Wednesday, February 17

Thats my deal

I love to be consistent with my blog but I haven't been. I do blog books and so I like to have close to daily things to write about and say and not wait so long that my post has to be forever long and boring. So I will be better. A blog a day would be great.

As for right now, here is a rewind to last week. We live in a place where Snow doesn't really fall. The most snow our area has seen in over 50 years is 1.5 inches of snow, every so often. Well last week we got ONE FOOT of snow which is and was ridiculous! Natalie was convinced we were in Canada. I, on the other hand, was re convinced as to why we live here and not Canada. Snow. Luckily here when it snows, it stays for about a day, maybe 2 then all goes away forever. So back to last week, it snowed and was FREEZING and stayed around for a good 3-4 days.

The kids loved it and I didn't want to be a fun mom and build a snowman till Dad got home so this was the PRE activity, activity for snow days 2010.

Dont be fooled by sweet face, this wasn't just "look at this snow mom!" It was "Here is some snow, it is a snowball and I am throwing it at your face, aka camera." 2 seconds later, all over my lens.

I did get shots of the snowman building, snow angel making, and snow ball fight later that night but those will come later.
A sad day happened too, Libby and her family left town. After having them here for 5 weeks I totally got used to it and felt a little like they were mine. We miss them already. PLEASE MOVE HERE! Although my wallet and waist line are glad you are gone! haha
Last night as I was off to bed, I noticed the thermostat wasn't working, indeed our heater has broken and will now need to wait until tomorrow to be fixed so last night and today have been full of hot chocolate, bundled up littles, and I have been FREEZING. I am just grateful we aren't somewhere where it is -20, or even 30 degrees. It is in the 50's/60's here today and that is saving us!
We had a very uneventful Valentines day, although Brian's mom stuffed us full of TREATS that are still taking over the counter... and my belly. But this day really isn't much to me. I mean really I just like to tell the people I love, that I love them. Chocolate and flowers always help, but I dont need to JUST get that stuff on Valentines day, I will gladly accept all year round!
ok till more energy comes for the download of the other pics... enjoy these!


Cichy's said...

That is so crazy about the snow! Wow! haha I bet everybody there loves it! Looks like you guys had fun! Enjoy your warm weather while the rest of us freeze!

Alysha said...

i can't believe how much snow you got. you'd seriously think you were in canada! yikes!

abby and paxton said...

I'm so lucky I missed the cold weather and snow, even though I was in Idaho- which was probably just as cold and snowier! :) ha. That's amazing- 12 inches?!
Oh and, to reply to your text- I did find an outfit. Sorry I never called or responded- I was in such a rush- it was madness. And I'm back now and had such a blast w/ the fam. Wish I could do it more often.