Tuesday, February 9


ok so I lied. Here I am blogging and sorry about the grouchy midnight Jeni on my last post, she has been around lately!
Anyway, we have had a busy few weeks with Lib and her fam and my mom all in town. Here are some cute pics from FHE the other night. The kids loved it.

And no Natalie CAN NOT spell but how nuts is this? She was picking up the fridge magnets and this was what came up on the fridge. KID GENIUS! Maybe some kids her age can do this but my nat cant even point out an "A".
At least that is a happy update, small but happy. Thats all I got. My life doesn't seem too exciting lately! ALTHOUGH, there is a letter broken on my keyboard which makes my computer time extremely frustrating. You would be surprised how much you need the letter "I". ARG! Boots ripped it off weeks ago and soooo annoying!

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Sean said...

I can second the annoying factor, I've been on that computer and ARG!!! Cute pic of all the kids! This is Libby btw