Friday, February 26

3 days vs 3 weeks

In the last 3 days I have accomplished more than in the last month I feel like.

First I DEEP cleaned the bathrooms - YEAH. Lysol CAN help with this! I love a clean bathroom. But here's the thing, I never let the kids in when cleaning cause they are all over the cleaning supplies. So I locked myself in while they played INNOCENT. Wrong. I came out to 2 children who found Desitin cream and body lotion and were redecorating Stephens room in layers of it. Boots also got a new DESITIN hair style, caked onto his head. It was sick and disastrous. I opted not to take a picture. I was super frustrated. And please note... Lysol can NOT help with this. Nor with the pen I found all over my couch today.

Onto better things...
I got a family portrait painted by a total goose...

Then I thought that I haven't cooked in my kitchen in weeks so maybe I should take a shot at that. I VERY successfully made a loaf of bread and a pan of Cinnamon Buns. YUM!
Feeling rather Homemak-ey, and knowing Brian needed a couple dozen cookies for the night at the church, I decided to continue on in my quest for goodness. Better Homes and Gardens has been around for what 50? 75 years? Their cookbook should be like a no brainer, everything is awesome in it. Its not. Their cookies turned out WORSE than these, then I tried my own never fail cookies and FLAT, runny, and burnt. WHAT? So weird. I have no idea what happened. This is also something Lysol can not fix.
Then there is the little terror, climbing on EVERYTHING. I did not accomplish anything with him except find HUGE messes everywhere he went. His favorite mess is Natalie's books. Everyday, 227 times a day, he insists on sneaking into her room and pulling every single book off the shelf, followed by all of her toys and then heads to his room for blocks to scatter and balls to dump all over the place. Doesn't seem like a huge deal, but it happens all day everyday.

Finally, I made dinner. The Heard of The Pioneer Women? Well she rocks and her food is AWESOME. I got her cookbook for Christmas and have only tried a few things. One of which was this pizza. OH MY YUMMY! But you have to make her homemade dough which is EASY, fool proof and delish. And I made dinner which is a huge accomplishment for me!
I have all clean laundry in our house, not just in piles but folded AND put away. Thats right, I put away my laundry after 3 weeks!
Heres to more days like these!!


Alysha said...

I love the pioneer woman, but i've never tried her food... hmmmm maybe i'll give it a try next week. any favs other than the pizza?

BrittanyB said...

I need to have a few days like that soon ;)

aidanjordan said...

I love The Pioneer Woman too, but have never tried anything she makes. I just love reading her blog and looking at her awesome pictures.

Congrats on the awesome week! Hopefully you and I both can keep that going. I don't know if I can take another bad week like last week.

Proud Momma said...

Good thing I don't live there because that probably wouldn't have gotten done! Love you

Ash and Christian said...

I know you know your way around Chocolate Chip cookies after the bake-off you did a year ago. But let me share with you my secret for seriously foolproof cookies. Make the recipe on the back of the Tollhouse Chocolate Chips bag, BUT instead of using butter, use butter-flavored Crisco... the yellow packaging, not the blue. (And add an additional 1/4 tsp of salt.) They are honestly the best. Cookies are flat/runny/too puffy/blah blah blah because the temperate of butter can vary so much, but the crisco is the same temp all the time, and you don't have to wait for it to soften.

Seriously, you're welcome. Try it and let me know.