Monday, February 22

My emergency room

This last week/weekend was great. (sarcasm included)

First our heat went out. You would think that because it isn't freezing here you would be fine, you would be wrong. A house that it always between 50 and 60 is very cold, especially for little fingers and toes.
So we packed up and moved in with the Rawlins for one night, no biggie because it was getting fixed the next day.
Next day, Heater dude never shows up and he has some excuse about something. OK lets pack up again and head in there again, don't worry he promised the next day for sure.
Next day, Heater dude bails again explaining that he had a million dollar deal he didn't want to lose and we should go ahead and find someone else to fix it, our "parts were on back order anyway". Of course followed by a hang up from him. RUDE!
OK so its Friday, no one will come tonight. We pack up again, with hopes we would find someone the next day.
Miracle, someone was able to come out and fix the problem that had nothing to do with the heater. So in the long run it is a good thing heater dude #1 didn't fix it, because we would have paid a load of money and still not have a fixed heater.
whatever, now our house is warm again, and more importantly, I can sleep at my own house!

ok NEXT story. Saturday morning I head out to a meeting leaving Grandma and Grandpa to watch the kiddos for a few hours. Upon my return I find a comb completely wound up in Natalie long locks of hair. SO completely wound in there, I haven't the slightest idea of how she got such a tight one on this. The picture does it NO justice, and we already been working on it for a while!

*BACK STORY: Natalie, for those who don't know her, has been growing her hair for the duration of her life, 3.5 years and there is still not enough for a ponytail. But there is a lot of long stuff right on top that allows me to do some piggy's. I CHERISH this long hair. *

back to story... So after seeing this I decide to make an emergency room visit to Auntie Kathleen, our hair stylist. We rush over and I am convinced that we have a shaved head coming. (TEAR)
2 hours later we made it out with minimal hair loss. The last bit of hair was being untangled and we thought we had made it, but the comb pulled out with a big chunk of LONG hair attached. The Long Hair previously spoken of. Again tear. I totally cried.

We are back to little tiny pony tails... but at least it isn't shaved.

Sad and good that my first "emergency" I didn't have to go to the actual ER, but to a beautician!
I actually thought today would be my second emergency beautician run as I attempted to wax my eyebrows at home with my new wax pot. I feared waxing all my brows off for so long... But it was a success! Happy Hair removal!


aidanjordan said...

I am totally laughing right now, not at poor Natalie, but at myself. I totally got a round brush stuck in my hair- and I mean I was like 22. I don't know how it got so stuck. Jeremy spent like an hour getting it untangled. We were both late for work.

I am waiting on the day Shelby picks up some scissors and we have our own emergency. You're now the expert, so I'm calling you if/when it happens.

Cichy's said...

Brutal about your heat...glad it is fixed now! And the comb in the That is crazy...glad all is well now! Hair is precious, I probably would have cried too!

BrittanyB said...

oh child hair drama. . . I dread the day it happens here! That's super crappy about your heater, but glad it's fixed ;)

Meagan Cooper said...

ohhh poor little nat, glad it was minimal hair loss. I remember the days our waxing parties! I miss u Jeni!

Alysha said...

i'm so sorry to hear about her hair. so sad!!
and sorry to hear you had no heat. been there and it's BRUTAL!

Heather said...

I feel your pain. Brooklynn would her hair around a come like that one time too. Thankfully I was able to get it out without chopping it off. The bad news she was way older than Natalie and should have known better.

Julie said...

Oh poor Nat! My Natalie did that with a round brush! Its so sad! Glad that the hair loss was minimal though! What a cutie!

Kelly said...

yikes, what a scare! Here here to wax'll love it this summer (bikini lines and pits...always better waxed!)

Nadine said...

Oh the hair trauma!! You tell Naalie her friend Nadine(Magoo's mudder:))that I know how she feels! Oh the hair!! Sorry about the tears you had too!!

Robyn Melia and Troy said...

Oh Natalie! I totally did that to my Grandma's hair when I was little. I got a comb all wound up in it then ran off and hid. Nice wax job, Jeni!

Audrey said...

Sorry about your heat! But I'm glad everything was fixed. CRAZY hair story! I always feel so guilty when I get frustrated with Margaret's locks knowing that you covet them so much. Fortunately, we haven't had a hair crisis yet but, knowing Margaret, she'll be the one to grab the scissors and cut it all off (like I did as a kid.)

Eric and Kathleen said...

You are so funny! Poor, poor Natalie. I think I sort of wanted to cry too, especially when she saw her hair, and got all excited..."I don't look like a boy, momma!" She is so sweet. K, and Aidan's post is making laugh so hard!

Spencer and Sara said...

AHHHHHH POOR NATALIE. That is one big tangled mess. Glad you guys got it out ok with minimal loss.