Saturday, February 13

Boy Band Rewind

I am DJ tonight for a romantic date between Brian and Paxton(a bet resulting in dinner movie and back here for some Wii).

In finding some awesome songs from Lady Antebellum and Drake, I decided to take it back.

It started innocent with John Michael Montgomery, Bryan White, and then moving onto the good stuff...
98 degrees, Mariah old school, Brian McKnight, All 4 One, Notorious B.I.G.,and now we are partaking in some Boyz II Men.
They were so good.

I mean come on, Invisible Man, Always be my baby, One sweet Day, Back at One, I swear, Mo Money Mo Problems, On Bended knee, Water Runs Dry, I'll make Love to you?

Seriously. Memory lane. Dances galore. I mean those were the greats but then you have Back Street Boys, Nsync, Will Smith, or the old Puff Daddy, and black street?? haha
Good Times. I could go on forever. What is sad is that the youth of this generation have no idea and probably would just make fun.

They are missin out.


aidanjordan said...

I agree on most except for Backstreet Boys and NSync. By the time they came around I was already all about Dave Matthews. Ahhh, Dave.

But I agree the youth now are missing out. Who do they have now, Kesha? I mean really.

Melinda Palmer said...

AMEN sista!

Cichy's said...

Oh Jeni, I am with you on all of those songs! Definitely takes you back! Love it!

Meagan Cooper said...

saturday night dances... the house spent beautifying, We had so much fun. Those songs are all the best!

Alysha said...

i totally miss those dances. they were SOOO much fun.