Wednesday, March 11

Snowy sleep

Last week it's not several times and canceled school on three different days. I went to little bit stir crazy with the kids home but they of course had so much fun playing outside in the snow and ice. 

Brian and I were asked to help at Frisco stake youth conference. We put together a little skit called EW. It was really funny and we talked about all the EW's of dating. It is a Jimmy Fallon skit so we did our own script to that. The kids thought it was great. We had a lot of fun doing it together. Every time Brian would improvise I would bust up laughing and couldn't stop. He makes me laugh so hard! I can't believe he even got headgear to wear to make his character even better!

Poppy throws up so much that she ends up needing a bath almost every single day. The kids are constantly fighting over who gets to have a bath with her. Nobody can get enough of that sweet little girl in their life. They are always touching, kissing, or wanting to hold her. 
Not sure what is going on with her if she is still having a hard time gaining weight. Her own doctor was concerned about her not gaining weight and having a fever last week. I brought in a nasty looking diaper and she wanted me to see a G.I. specialist for it. She also took extensive bloodwork and a urine sample which all came back negative and inclusive. I took her into see the G.I. specialist last week and they did an upper G.I. MRI type exam on her. Again everything in her anatomy came out clear. It's still I wonder why she's not gaining weight. She still only weighs 10 lbs. 12 oz. and is just so tiny. I go back to see her pediatrician this week for her four month follow-up and then I go back to see the G.I. specialist this week to follow her weight gain. We are trying out and non-milk-based formula right now to see if that helps anything. 
To top it all off and make me worry even more, last week she had at 1:02 fever that lasted for two days. I usually don't freak out over fevers and my kids but since she's so little and not gaining weight they kind of scared me.  She got so sleepy and Docile and just laid there. Likely everything checked out with that and I think she's okay.


Alysha said...

I hope they figure out what it is and that it's nothing. She just so sweet!!

BrittanyB said...

I hope you find answers for her soon! That's scary. But Boot's pose in the tub is killing me!

Anna@Exasperation said...

I had to make a comment about Boots' tub pose as well. Because OHMYGOSH it's killing me.