Saturday, March 28

All the pretty ladies

I love taking a good Sunday shot. I think my children are so beautiful and I love to be able to capture how they look when we get ready for church on Sunday. I especially love it when they take pride in the way they look and want to go to church looking nice and fancy. I keep waiting for the love for poppy to wear off yet they always fight over who gets to hold her and who gets to kiss on her and see her beautiful smiling face. 

We have created a new ward the Little Elm second Ward and so far we have really enjoyed being in a new ward where people can pave the way. The kids are all enjoying getting to know new friends and their classes and how many new teachers. Brian was called into the young men's to work with the priests which he is excited about. We both love working with the youth. 

On that note I've had a little bit have a hard time since I was released from my calling in the stake young women's presidency last weekend. I'm sad, and not in a bad way but only because I had served not calling for almost 5 years. I love the youth of our church so much. They are so strong. Before that I had served on the word level for two years in young women's. Right now I have not received a new calling at church and I'm feeling a little bit lost. I just want to serve so I hope I get called into something quickly here. 
Last weekend dad also got released as stake president and I wish I could've gone up. He is such an amazing example of leadership and a role model for how I should live my life. He is so close to the Savior and loves to study the church and the doctor in. I have a strong testimony of the gospel and a lot of it is because of my dad's example and teachings. I'm sure his life will be completely different now that he is released and I don't really know what he will do with all his spare time! I hope some of that includes coming to Texas more.

I love these two girls. Leeann lives about an hour south of me and Ciara is moving to town this summer. We're all remains out in Provo and I love these girls so much. Ciara was in town for business so we had her and her cute family and Leeannn and her great husband over for supper Sunday. It was so much fun.

Lastly Libby and I took the girls to go see Cinderella. Boots also wanted to come. It was such an awesome show! Probably one of my very favorite, I know Brian would love it. It teaches such a good lesson of have courage and be kind. I've taken every opportunity to remind Natalie to be kind ever since you watch that movie. I'm not sure if it is doing anything but I will keep reminding her to be kind.

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