Monday, December 29


All of the traditional miller christmas things were done this year again! It isn't christmas without lots of food, baking, christmas nativity, bells, christmas crackers, and christmas Jammie's. It was so fun to have john and sandy here to celebrate with us. The kids did wonderful at the nativity and it was one of my favorites! 

On christmas morning we told the kids they couldn't go out to see santas goodies until 8am, so they really did stay in their room together and didn't come out till we went in at 8. At that point Natalie, who is completely addicted to TV and shows, she said she wanted to finish her show before she went out to see the goods haha. The kids were so excited for their Santa gifts and their stockings. Courtney loved checking out the eaten cookies and carrots and couldn't believe the milk was all gone! I love the christmas spirit in children. They are so sweet and full of belief. 

Christmas morning we ate crepes and scotch stew and it was delishiouc as always! Opening gifts and just hanging out quietly. We always know we gave good gifts when kids disappear for hours! 

Merry christmas 2014!!!!!

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