Monday, December 15

The best way to spread holiday cheer

Obviously is singing loud for all to hear. On Friday Courtney had her Christmas program at school. She goes to a Catholic school and the program was very cute and very religious.   The song they sang was about Jesus's birthday and their gift to him is them. It was very cute and Courtney did a fabulous job. I couldn't believe how many parents and grandparents were there to watch these little preschoolers thing though it was worse than kindergarten at the elementary school.

Friday night we went to a German Christmas market down in Arlington. It was very festive and fun. The kids got some very unique German Christmas tree ornaments that are handcrafted, and I got a crêpe of course! I love to experience different cultures especially how they do Christmas. They had some beautiful handcrafted nativity sets and traditional German things that I thought were really neat. Too bad they were so overly priced!!

then something I actually have a love hate relationship with... on Sunday, we made gingerbread houses. We got a whole bunch of candy out and I made a whole big batch of icing to use on their houses. It was a sticky hot mess but the kids had a lot of fun making them! They are so creative. I like to watch them look at each other's and copy what another person did because they like their idea! My OCD came in a couple of times and I wanted to take her but I didn't, I let them in with a wanted with their houses. 

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