Sunday, December 7

It's all about that Popsicle

I understand my blog has turned into a first time moms blog with so many pictures of their baby. She is now 3 weeks old and these pictures are all from the last week Of her life. 
I think I am loving taking pictures and capturing her because she was a surprise and I don't want to imagine life without her already. She is just so precious. 

She went to her 2 week checkup and was supposed to be back to birth weight(8.3) she had really only gained one ounce in a week and a half and was holding tight at 7.8, which is what she left the hospital at. 
Because of that, and he fact that she takes an hour to nurse ... This week I had decided to pump and bottle feed what I pump. Her poop has tunred from army green to yellow- yeah! And I know she is eating everything I have and am making so I hope she has gained when we go into her next weight check tomorrow. Skinny little chicken legs. 

My mom spent the last weeks in Hawaii and then came here with us for a week and got to play with Poppy. I'm really still holding out for red hair! 

Courtney is a little poser and poses any chance she gets. This girl cracks me up... I will share a story which is a little embarresing but is just so funny I don't want to forget. 
The first week I had poppy home I was nursing her and I pulled her off and Courtney saw what she had been sucking on. She looked a little surprised and asked why it looked like a hotdog... She quickly corrected herself and said "no, it looks like a kaloche!" Haha I was dying. 
Needless to say, if she hasn't gained weight still I may stop nursing and just go to formula. Get rid of the kaloches!

And can I just say this... Why is it that babies sleep so so well in my bed? She will fuss in a lot of other places but she loves to sleep on our bed. It's like she knows how awesome it is! Haha even as a wee lassie! Love that little lolli-pop. 


Meagan Cooper said...

haha love that story about Courtney, TOO FUNNY!!! Poppy is so darling. Enjoy those first few weeks, they are the best! Love ya girl! I am coming to visit hill when she has her babies, how far are you from Midland???

Alysha said...

Best story ever!! hahaha Love it!! I documented every second with James. I can totally relate!