Tuesday, December 9

It's not ugly

This past weekend Brian and I got to get dressed up in her Christmas best and go to an ugly Christmas sweater party. I love to dress up and this is the perfect excuse to be silly and have fun. I'm not feeling my best yet and I'm still quite overweight but the ugly Christmas sweater was so big I wasn't as self-conscious. My favorite was when I was getting dressed I put on my turtleneck covered in Christmas lights and Natalie asked what we were doing. I told her we were going to an ugly Christmas sweater party and she looked really confused and told me "but you look so pretty"! Got a love her sweet innocence. And her fashion sense! Brian went all out as usual wearing a Dickey underneath his sweater and some women's white pants with rhinestones on the back pockets. 

With all of that being said Brian won third place with a trophy and gift certificate. I guess it pays off to shop in the women's department? Haha

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Meagan @ Meagan Tells All said...

That sweater is epic!!! And your husbands pants....smokin hot!