Thursday, December 25

It's freeezing!

Merry christmas from the great white north! We have been here not even a week and we are having so much fun!! My aunt sandy and uncle john are here as well with their oldest jake, who I still remember as a wee lad! Boots is harassing him daily and hourly but we are having a lot of fun. Christmas Sunday was beautiful and the kids all looked great! 

We have a tradition here that we have done for years and years, since I was a little girl. The city nativity Pagent. It was beautiful and wonderful as always. They did a great job, and the spirit was felt. What an amazing scene it must have been to be there the night of the savior a birth.

The next night was the Nutcracker ballet. We took all 3 kids and they did really well! It was fun and a great show. Those ballerinas wear some tight tights!! They are so talented though, I wish I could do that!

The kids have gone out every day to play. It hasn't snowed until tonight (yeah!!). But they have pretented and gone ice sledding and shoveled ice and had snow ball fights with old icy snow! I love their little rosy cheeks! 

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