Tuesday, November 18

The lead up...

Wednesday night I was supposed to go in to start the induction process. When I had gone into see my doctor on Tuesday I had not made any progress, I was dilated to a one, and the baby had not dropped at all. I guess when this happens she likes her patients to come in the night before to get a special medication inserted so that it can start contractions.

The plan was that by morning she would start my Pitocin give me my epidural break my water and the baby would arrive sometime mid day on Thursday. 
So we had our friend Heather come and sleep over with the kids and we packed up and left to arrive at the hospital at about 10 PM on Wednesday night.

On arriving at the hospital on check-in we had to fill out specially bowl of forms to ensure that neither of us had Ebola. I had to take a picture because it seems so surreal. After filling out the paperwork and checking in we had to sit in the waiting room for at least an hour and a half because all the beds were full. That hospital is Hoppin and there were so many babies being born but finally at 11:30-ish they called us back with the room. I didn't mind waiting in the waiting room because I wasn't having any contractions so we just sat and hung out together Brian and I.
As soon as we got back I changed into my hospital gown which Brian called very flattering on me.  We then sat in a room waiting for a nurse to come in for at least another half an hour. After midnight they came in to start some of the monitors and get me all checked in with all of their questions that they ask. At this point they had still not check to me at all or started the medication that the doctor wanted me to start. Kind a got the feeling that they were delaying our induction because they were so busy. 
My feet were so swollen and Brian was so kind to give me one last foot massage before the baby was born. As we waited to get checked in and for me to get checked for the first time I started to have very severe contractions. I didn't think much of it until I started to realize they were three minutes apart and were hurting quite badly. I had started labor on my own without any of their medication at this point. I told Brian that they were severe enough that I would've woken up and made him take me to the hospital anyway. 
After the monitors were all hooked up and I convinced the nurses that I needed some medication they gave me something that they said would "take the edge off  and feel like I had a few margaritas". Sure enough shortly after I started to feel warm all over and realize that the medication was working. I immediately started to feel a little bit more emotional and a little bit sleepy.

At this point they finally check to me and I was a 2 1/2 and they gave me the special medication that was supposed to start my contractions. They only get it if you're under three and I was still technically under three so they gave it to me as per Dr.'s orders. They did not want to start the epidural and so that's why they started the other medication first and it was supposed to wear off within about four hours and I would feel back to myself again.

At this point it was probably about 2 o'clock in the morning. My contractions had officially started at about one or 130. Medication was making me very sleepy and I started to doze off for only about 30 minutes. I was woken to some more severe contractions and some severe nausea. I asked for my epidural as these contractions were very painful. When they check to me at this point I was a six. Clearly I was moving a lot faster than they had anticipated.

They called my doctor who was already on her way in for another delivery. By the time she came in to see me I was already in eight and my water had still not broken. She decided to go deliver her other baby and then when she came back I was now at a nine and she broke my water. It was now time to push. 

At this point I felt like death and there was nothing I wanted to do but die.  Medicine that they had given me was making me feel so out of my realm. I was vomiting I was sleepy I was confused and I was super hormonal and emotional crying and weeping all over the place. As they told me it was time to push there was no happiness in me at all and I did not want to have that baby. 

I pushed through about five contractions and a lot of pain. Again I was still crying I was still mad I was still vomiting, not my ideal way of having a baby. I had Courtney we laughed and smiled through the entire thing, it was such a joyous occasion and I couldn't wait to see her.
With this one I couldn't wait for it to be over so everyone would leave me alone. After I push the baby out finally they put her up on top of my chest and I had zero strength left in me to even touch her.... 

To be continued with more pictures coming soon. 


Aidan Jordan said...

Oh no! I'm sorry you had a bad reaction to the meds! When I saw what time she was born I knew you must have gone into labor on your own!

Meagan @ Meagan Tells All said...

This doesn't sound like fun at all! But, you describe it so clearly and I can totally see how you were feeling that way. Pain is just so dang intense at delivery. I remember them giving me some pain medication before getting an epidural, and if I knew the way it was going to make me feel, I would have said no thanks. I was cracked out, seriously. Slurring my words. Not thinking clearly. I can't imagine feeling that way so close to having a baby.

Anxious to read more, hope it improved! Poppy is a doll!

Alysha said...

Oh I'm so sorry!! Can't wait for the rest though! She's so darn cute!