Monday, December 2

My girls at

I got to g to brunch with these lovely ladies the other day. They were both in town for thanksgiving and so we drove forever and ate and laughed and caught up and I miss them like mad! 
Lisa and I have been friends since we were 14. Ok weren't friends really when we were 14, like at all- I guess you could say we were the opposite! But we became friends and then we were even college roommates. 
Leeann and I have been besties from the time we first met in college. She loved Texas, so did I, I just didn't know it yet! But we were bff's. I came down to Texas to see her in a trip and that's when I met Brian and Paxton, quite possibly the best duo ever. But the rest is history and I owe my happiness to her! 
So I love these 2 gals! 

But man did it make me miss my other ladies! 

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