Tuesday, December 24

Let the festivities begin

Boots had his first basketball game, which was a riot to watch. He somehow thinks that the only way to run up and down the court is by shuffling. He's got the shuffle down! They lost. But boots had fun and that's all we wanted. 
We had our Rawlins Christmas festivities... So gingerbread cookies, cousin gift exchange, and some craziness up in there! 
Then nana and grandad came to town and we've been going non stop. 

Bonnie, Tom, Brian, and Robin have all arrived and things are really crazy! 14 kids and 10 adults makes a full house. 
I love to have family all here and love being together. The more the merrier! 

I really miss my brother dan this year. I would love to see him and have him here with us. There is something that just isn't complete and right when we all aren't here together. 

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