Friday, December 6

Snow day

It started raining ice yesterday after school. It's continued all night long so when we woke up this morning the ground was covered in ice but looked like snow. The kids could not wait to go out and play in it. They were outside for almost 4 hours today and I have to beg them to come in! 
Cutting icicles off of the trucks the mailbox and crushing the ice in the roads since nobody was driving on them. School was canceled and everything was closed. Brian even got to stay home from work. This is very rare with his new job at one prop. He's usually gone from seven till seven every day. But the kids had a lots of fun today and it was very chilled out. 

Some mini powdered donuts for me and a polar express watching party at a friends house for the kids. They had a great day. But people here in Texas are crazy winter storm like this Rosen, tons of the food off of the shelves at Walmart were running low yesterday when I went as the storm was just rolling in. Brian stopped again today at Walmart and he said it was just as crazy.
I feel like a wimp been from Calgary where it is -30° today but I am just so I acclimated to the Texas weather that this was freezing at 27°. 

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