Monday, December 2

Give thanks

I have so much to be thankful for. More than I could ever write about. One thing is family. Mine an Brian's rock and I am so lucky! Here are the Rawlins sisters. We are sisters by marriage but I know we were ment to be. I love these ladies and they are amazing! We spent the morning very classy at gokden coral for lunch, oh yeah! 
Then after grandma put them to work taking up leaves and trashing them. She did pay them, pretty sure I still have it in my pocket. I worked really hard that day too- eating, watching miracle on 34th street and napping. I am grateful for opportunities to work.
The next night was spent awake and grumpy... Boots got sick and since I am the mom- I got cleaning duty. Projectile anything isn't fun and it took me forever to get it cleaned up. It was sick. Poor boots. No fun to be sick. I am thankful for Lysol. 
But we are all better in our home so I am thankful for our health. We all have bodies that work and run how they should. 
I am also thankful for my family and can't wait for Christmas when Almost everyone is here. I miss my Caribbean brother a lot but maybe one day I'll see him again! Dr lives man, not my thing! But I am thankful for a family who I love and who loves me too. They all work so hard to provide and make their families happy. 
I am going to try to give thanks daily, and not leave much out! 

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