Thursday, September 5

Sweet Moments

Since school has been in now for 2 weeks, I have had the opportunity to chat with the kids each day after school about their days. When school started I did a Family Home Evening lesson on not bullying and being kind to people at school. I always wonder what sinks in...

Well Boots came home from school the other day and he was excited to tell me about recess that day. He told me how he went out onto the play ground and found a boy who was playing alone. He chose to stay and play with him since he was alone. I love the thought of my son on the playground with over a hundred other kindergartners... and him finding the one who is alone. He played with him and said that he had fun. I like that he did that. He is so caring and sweet and thoughtful.

In regards to Natalie... The other principal that we have been teaching them about that we would hope to sink in... is that of prayer. She always complains when it is time for personal prayers at night, but she will jump to the opportunity to say the family prayer. It is odd. Well she came home her first day of school and told me that she had said 2 prayers that day. She got a pencil case that uses a key, like a Diary, to open it. Well she had locked it and of course forgotten where the key was. She said that she said a prayer to help her either find the key or get the box open. She did it!
So I asked her in she prayed to thank Heavenly Father for helping her out... her response was this "MOM! That was my second prayer!!" How could I be so silly.

THEN, She was wearing my shoes around the other day and so when I went to go find them, they were out of place. The family was getting in the car, so I called her back in to help me find them. I sent her up to look in her room. After a minute, I went up to check out all the rooms. When I walked in her room, I saw her on the floor and I immediately shouted for her to get up and "what are you doing on the floor?! you are supposed to be finding my shoes! GET UP!"
I find the shoes after some searching, and I walked out to the car. When I got in, Natalie proceeded to tell me that she had found my shoes. I argued. She said, "No mom, when you came in my room and told me to get up off the floor, I was saying a prayer that we could find them!"
I am a bad mom. I decided then and there that I am horrible and can't believe I was scolding her in the middle of a prayer!! I told her to tell me next time that I am  interrupting a prayer and that I would NOT have gotten mad about it! What a great little girl I have.

I am so grateful for their happiness and grateful little spirits who are trying to be good and trying to return to our Father in Heaven. I hope they continue to learn from me... and I will continue to learn from their lessons of Love I see as well.

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Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

So special!!! I'm so glad you're recording down these moments. I need to do better about that!