Sunday, September 29

State fair 2013

The fan headed on down to the state fair of Texas on Saturday. It was a rainy overcast day and although humid, it was still hot and sticky. The crowds were small so that was good. 
We told the kids one ride(fun house), and one game, and some food for mommy... I shared don't worry! Corn dogs, hand dipped blue bell ice cream, cotton candy, fried cheesecake, and some French fries. To die. Went to the car show to sit in all the cool new cars, We saw big tex and ran through the rain some.
As the rain was coming down, we headed into the little animal petting area where we saw not only cows and pigs and goats, but zebras, kangaroos, a camel and even a giraffe!!  
It was a fun day, glad it's over and we probably won't go back for another few years, but it was fun to do as a family- also I LOVE the state fair! 

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aidanjordan said...

Fun! We have only been once since we've lived here. I was curious about Big Tex- I heard he talks and his mouth moves now. Creepy. Lol!