Sunday, September 15

Court babe

Courtney has been a sweet blessing in our lives from day 1. She has brought so much joy and happiness and laughter that we never thought possible. She is hilarious every day and keeps us on our toes. She is so smart and is always talking. ALWAYS.
She had her birthday this week and turned 3. I cant believe that my baby is 3! She is growing up entirely too fast. We went out to lunch and then just had a little party that night at the house with just the 5 of us, with Papa and Uncle John in town for the night. She got a purse with tick tacks inside, which she loved, and a pretend ice cream set. She loves it! She is such a happy go lucky girl, that she loves anything! We love you Courtney Cakes.

She fills our home with love and laughter. She is cute and cuddly. She loves to play "family" and especially loves to play with her brother. She loves to tag along with me wherever I am, no matter the time of day. She loves to hang out with the adults and chat it up. She loves to sing and has memorized many songs. Her favorite food is hot dogs, her favorite song is a child's prayer.  Her favorite toy right now are her baby dolls with her stroller or grocery cart. She loves to watch Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. She loves Slurpee's and she loves to be involved. She loves to say family prayer and is our best scripture "reader". She is such an angel and we love her, sassy tantrums and all.

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