Monday, September 23

Sunday Funday

We had our "monthly" Rawlins Family dinner on Sunday. We haven't done one in several months so it was fun to get everyone together to celebrate the September birthdays! Cam turned 10, Garrett turned 24, Courtney turned 3, Natalie turned 20, and me 30.
We had Greek food. I should have taken some pictures cause it was so good. Brian made meat skewers and veggie skewers, I made Naan bread, rice, and tzatziki sauce. We had a Greek salad, hummus, and pita chips. Top it all off with a DQ ice cream cake and I am a happy woman!! It was so fun and low key. I am not sure why it seemed less stressful than most gatherings, maybe it was the cooler weather and our deck to enjoy.
These kiddos are so lucky to have their cousins around and fun all the time. Happy Birthday people!

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