Sunday, March 3


Courtney is queen of the self portrait. She steals my phone any chance she gets and fills it with picture after picture like this. I kinda love it, but really I hate it.

So little bit on her, since she is coming on her 2.5 half birthday...
1. She isn't potty trained. She needs to be and is ready but I suck and I'm lazy. I've tried kinda, but there is always something that gets in the way. I need to just set aside time and calendar it in to get it done.
2. She stutters so bad. W-w-w-w-w-w-we need t-t-t-t-to go to the park. All day everything she says, stutter stutter stutter. It's one of those things that's cute now, even though I know it won't be in the future, I don't care cause its so cute. Also she's little chatty Kathy, always always talking, jabbering, and most of time making us laugh so hard.
3. She's our family clown and makes us laugh by the minute. Her faces that she makes, the things she says and her cut big body. I just love that girl. She makes our family complete.
Love ya court.


Lynne said...

Love her hair! She's so adorable.

Dan Miller said...

T-t-t-t-t-t-t today Junior!!!ha ha ha. (Billy Madison quote). nice Jeni, oh btw sorry about not publishing your commen, I accidently deleted it. By the way, Robyns name has a Y not a I :)

jayme said...

Ok, the second picture is my favorite. So cute!!