Wednesday, March 20

Spring break 2013

So since Natalie is in kindergarten now, shave to be more cautious of when we go on family vacations. I actually wouldn't care if she skipped school but here in our school district they can take you to court if you miss a certain number of days, or even if you are just tardy.

So this spring break, like I said in my last post, we packed up and headed to Colorado to visit John and Emma. It was so much fun!! It always is with their family. Our kids are exactly the same ages and we have been married the same amount of time, so it's kinda cool. We all get along so great and the kids barely fought this time!!

We ate a lot. I gained 5 lbs, not kidding. Cafe rio 3 times was not enough. Then it was eating more, including the best burger I have ever eaten in my life. The popper, from crave. So good. Wish we had one here.

We also worked out a bunch. I tried insanity and almost threw up several times. We swam a few times. We went on a fun hike up at red rock and the kids did awesome. I felt like all the activity countered the eating- although I do not think that we the case.

Courtney bonded with Franklin, the dog, and Natalie couldn't stop intentionally letting him out so she could catch him and take him on a walk. They all loved him. The piano was a big hit and was played by the kids all day long.

Fondue and Easter candy, games and just dance. Beating Zelda, and staying up all night long. Why do we act like we are 18? We are not, and we are still paying for it.

So many many pictures, which don't do justice to the super awesome trip we had!!


BrittanyB said...

Oh Cafe Rio, how I miss you! Totally worth a few extra pounds. And I know what you mean about Sammy and Boots. I wish we lived close so they could play. . . but then sometimes I imagine all the havoc they could wreak with their powers combined. It would be madness :)

Ashley Cichy said...

Looks like a blast! And all that food is making me jealous!! Mmmmm

aidanjordan said...

Those burgers sound gooooood.