Thursday, February 28

Goof ball

Natalie is such and angel. I love having her as a part of our family. She is so Girly and sassy, yet so sweet. She and I went to "big" Natalie's bridal shower this last weekend and it was so fun. Tori had these huge balloons that were so cool! We tried to take one home at the end but it would t fit in my car! Anyway, let me tell you a little bit about Natalie... She goes to bed at night with headband in hair, always, perfume is sprayed whenever we go out, jewelry is put on for any occasion, even just watching tv, and everything g is always in its place with her. She cracks me up. I'm sure she is gonna be trouble in 6 years when she hits the teenage years!


lynne said...

She is a little DIVA and I love her!

Anna@Exasperation said...

Those faces are awesome. I love that girl.

Is that giraffe print that Natalie is wearing...?

Alysha said...

you two are so cute! love her headband!