Wednesday, March 6

I'm missing out

I have been studying like crazy. I am trying to get my real estate license as soon as I can. That means that I have to study hard every day. I have to say that after eight years of not being in school it is hard to sit down and study. But I am getting through it. Every night when I'd rather sit and watch something mindless on TV, I have to sit down in front of the computer and study instead. I also have laundry to wash fold and put away dishes to be done house to be clean and so many other things that I wouldn't Necessarily rather be doing, but I know I should do. It makes it hard to give myself a break. So today I am sad that I am missing out on a fun bike ride that boots and Brian Went on together. Instead, here I sit studying. It will all be worth it. I have to keep telling myself that!


jayme said...

I should be cleaning, but I am wasting time on the Internet waiting for happy hour to start at Sonic. 11 minutes !!!
Good luck studying!

BrittanyB said...

I should be folding laundry and working on primary stuff, but I'm reading your blog instead, and now that I read Jayme's comment wanting sonic. Miss you guys!