Monday, February 18


Happy love day, 3 days ago. Valentines day is such a interesting day. Kids all bring everyone little paper handmade valentines, then it's Gifts, flowers, chocolate, expectations, and dates. The kids all had fun school parties and we made cute little lions to give. Natalie actually made them all this year which was nice to have help, and I think she did an excellent job!!

It's a silly day really. Well regardless I think it's fun and I like flowers and chocolates so I won't complain! This year it was 2 bouquets of flowers, one of them roses, box of chocolates from a great brother in law, tipped off by an entire day kid less out!

We went with the rawlins adult clan. We started off taking the train downtown, breakfast at original market diner, and finally onto the perot museum. Mom is in town so she of course came on our date with us. I love that place though, it is do much fun. There's a place to race a cheetah, or a t-Rex, or an Olympian, or a football player. We all raced, including tony, which was hilarious to watch everyone. Tony pulled a muscle and had a little spill at the end, it made my week, maybe month! :)

We had a late lunch, trained home, and did a little shopping before coming home to change for stake conference that night. It was do fun to be gone all day together to chat and laugh and be silly and hold hands and not worry about chasing after the niños!

Happy valentines lovey. You know you're my boo!


Anna@Exasperation said...

I don't know who left the first comment, but it was amaaaaaaaazing. Also too, when did my arms get so fat, Jen? WHEN?
But seriously, this was such a fun day! Can't wait to do it again. LOVE YOU! Let's hang out again like we're real friends or something...:)

BrittanyB said...

Wow, an entire day with no kids. That sounds amazing. I need to make that happen!

Dan Miller said...

Hey, the kids loved the loli's nat and boots made them. Melia had a good b day. that museum looks cool.