Wednesday, June 20

ZZZ zonk

Nana was here for 3 days on her way home from visiting other family. It was so short but we mashed everything we could in. We love it when she comes to town. Too bad she is on a tiny mattress on the floor, sharing it with kicky Natalie. Just a few more months and she will have a real bed in a real room to sleep on without any kids!

Boots has been wearing himself out lately. We have been going to the pool and just keeping busy. The other Night we went and helped Brian's parents move in and we were out late. He zonked on the way to Walmart for a few last minute things before Fathers Day. He then Zonked again in Walmart. haha I love when kids fall asleep in unusual places.

We are exhausted though. Moving takes it out of you. I am not complaining because we are moving towards bigger and better things, but I am so tired of boxing stuff up. It is 830 tonight, and I have a million things I need to do. Guess what? I am not doing any of them. I am so tired.

Court has been adorable lately. She is always sweet, but she has been nodding her head yes and saying Yes sir when she wants to say yes. I love it. Her hair is getting longer, and she always wants to walk by herself. What happened to my baby?! She is gone!    WHAT A BORING POST. Just wanted to put something up!


BrittanyB said...

I wish we lived close so Sammy and Boots could play/wear each other out;) Every time you post about him I just think of how much they are alike!

lynne said...

Wow you guys have been busy! What time do you leave today?

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Moving SUCKS! I can't even imagine what moving will be like from house to house and not apartment to apartment. We got rid of a TON of stuff and I still felt like we had a million random things. We still haven't touched a few boxes because it is full of all the random crap at the end that didn't have a home before and it STILL won't have a home. Oh the joys!

Alysha said...

busy busy! i love that he actually slept in the shopping cart. hilarious!