Sunday, July 1

Car sick...

As in I am sick of being in the car. We drove out to north Carolina last week to spend the week at the beach with most of my family (We were missing one of my brothers and his family).

So 20 hours in the car wasn't too bad and my kids were really good. I learned that Brian and I don't like to drive that long and we get tired and grumpy and are short with everyone. Let me say thank goodness for iPads, iPods, and DVD players... I guess I can throw crayons in there too.

Road trip highlights: boots pointed out every cemetery on the trip and took his seatbelt off to roam the car every 15 minutes.
Natalie is eye spy (and Justin bieber) crazy. Btw, his new cd is awesome.
Courtney is the queen at demanding books, toys, and her key item this trip was the baby wipes. She played with them all the time. "WIPE!"

More blog to come but we are home... At least what will be home for a few more days!

 OHHH AND Happy Canada Day!! I am spending it alone while everyone sleeps! Happy Day to my LOVELY HOME AND NATIVE LAND!

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Abby said...

Emery loves playing with wipes too, but I never thought to give it to her on our trip... I def will on the way home!
That's funny boots found all the cemetery's. Were there really that many? Ty found all the train tracks and trains! We saw like 12 trains! Gotta find something to be excited about!