Friday, June 15


FIRST and most exciting for me... our house progress. So other than discovering VERY wrong dimensions in one of the key rooms we changed, everything is looking great. I am hoping they get this fixed asap since it is a big reason we chose this floor plan and the layout we did. BUT it is getting closer every day. I keep thinking that me and the kids will get sick of driving by it everyday, but guess what? WE DONT! Boots will say "my room is right above the garage!" which it is, and they fight over whose windows are whose etc. AHHH I am so anxious! It already seem so long ago that I picked all of my colors for everything and I want to hurry up and see it all together!

Nanabear is here and we LOVE having her come and visit. Even if it is just for 3 days, we love that we live in a layover city! Everyone fights for her attention, her bed, her ipad, her food, her coke, and to sit on her all the time. Ah we love the Nana.

So, the kids finished their first set of swim lessons for the summer and they did great. They had a few tears here and there. I tried to bribe them both at the beginning with a trip to the zoo if no one cried, but they both did a little. So we shall see... But they are both doing awesome and swimming underwater. My goal was to get Nat swimming across pool and feel comfortable coming up for air and going back and swimming further. She got it. She is also jumping in and swimming across, doing a 15 plus second back float, a front float, a back swim(I would not call it a back crawl!) and just a little fish.
Boots, my goal for him was to get him reacquainted with the pool and swimming. He also forgets that he can come up for air, but he is doing awesome and by the end of summer they will both be rockin it! Ariel you are the best!!

Little man has been pooped out lately. Tonight he went to bed early because he was being so grumpy and whiny. And when he gets tired, he get extra loud and crazy, which is something that I have no patience for. Love him, but I really love him when he is sleeping! He's just so cute!

There they go stealing my ipad all the time. Natalie literally sneaks into my room each morning to take the ipad. When I hear her and she gets busted, she is not a happy girl. I really dont care if she plays with it, but it is funny to hear her try and sell me what game or video she is going to do. haha

After girls camp was over, Brian was asked to go to Primary in one of the wards and visit all of the kids and do his captain Moroni thing again. He loved it. The spirit was so strong in that little meeting.  
I am so grateful that he finally shaved and cut it. Although I was wishing a little for a little goatee or something creative.  Of course he didn't, just the traditional shave face off haha.

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Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

That monster beard would give me hives! I can barely handle a 3 day growth. I am definitely not a woman who loves facial hair. Your mom is a dream. What a wonderful grandma! Love the updates on your house!! Can't wait for you!