Saturday, June 9

Captain Daddy

Daddy of the year award goes to BRIAN!! He was awesome (other than the fact that Natalie told me that she was bored watching phineas and Ferb all day everyday) while I was gone at Girls Camp. haha But he was great. The kids were fed, had fun, went to their swim lessons, and stayed alive all week long while I really enjoyed getting spiritually uplifted and tired-ed out at camp! I need a pedicure SO bad and a really really good sleep in. But it was a great week!

Today was my first day back and it felt good to get in a good workout at the gym, watch a little swim lessons(where I watched Nat dive in and swim across pool!), go to the pool to get my tan on, and then have a nice relaxing movie night at home with the kids. It was no Friday Fun Movie night. but it was fun! We got Mr Poppers Penguins and the kids loved parts of it. It was cute, just didn't catch their attention like some. We POPPED POPCORN, had frozen yogurt tubes(they were antarctic-ish) and acted like penguins. The kids then pretended that little kernels of popcorn were their penguin baby eggs. haha It was a fun night to just hang out in pajamas. That doesn't happen very often since I feel like we are always going.
While I was gone, Dad took photos of the events I missed including CUTE hairdo's thanks to Auntie Kathleen (the hairdresser!) and some deck side tanning. haha It cracks me up that my 5 year old goes outside to tan. There is also picture proof of the newest latest and greatest of our new house coming right along!

Brian also did something very wonderful this week for Girls Camp. For the last 2 months or so he has been growing his facial hair out and memorizing lines to play Captain Moroni in the Young Womens camp program. He did a wonderful job and really brought the spirit! I couldn't believe how well he did! I kept waiting to hear his voice fluctuation or to have him forget his lines but he really just did awesome. He was asked to tour the stake Primary to do sharing time from the Stake Primary President, so he is going to one of the wards in our Stake Tomorrow to do that. I couldn't say enough about how awesome it was and how believable he was! I will try to post a video link as well if I can.


lynne said...

Love Nat's hair! So pretty! Can't believe how fast your house is going up!,

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

So cool! I would LOVE to go to Girls Camp! Oh my gosh, I loved going as a YW so I can't imagine how it would be going as a leader and being "in charge!" Nat's hair, adorable. YOUR HOUSE!!! So fun to see the progress! Are you dying over how much space you're going to have!? How far away is it from your old house?? So neat about your husband play Captain Moroni. Man, what a powerhouse for those girls camp girls and Primary children to see. What a neat experience!!

Anna@Exasperation said...

I'm thinking group FHE. Captain Brian needs to come over HERE!!!! That is AWESOME! I wondered about the facial hair (because he was going pretty serious about it!), but now I get it. That's just too cool.
And yay about the house!! Getting close!

Emma and John said...

I'll have to tell John to stop making fun of Brian's beard now, since the reason is so awesome! I miss girls camp....I'm glad you had fun!