Tuesday, April 10

Lets Move

Getting ready to sell a house is hard. there have been months of preparation for the big day and then who knows how long it will take to sell?!
Well we have planted flower beds, painted the enire house including all baseboards, we have completely cleaned out every room and closet, had garage sales, got brand new carpet through the whole house and then finished it off with a fresh coat of paint on the front door.
Can you guess what color we painted the door?
You got it! RED! Court thought the extra paint Brian had left out was really fun. She even thought it tasted great. WOW! I love it when my hubby is mowing the lawn and he all of a sudden comes in yelling "JENI! Why is Courtney in the garage?!" then I see red all over her hand and body. I swore it was blood. What a mess.
When we had the garage sale, Natalie and stephen both wanted to help out. They made signs, although boots' was just a bunch of scribbles. Then they wanted them on a post so they could hold them. It was adorable to see natalie go to the bottom of the driveway and wave to cars holding this sign.

After the garage sale, we decided to donate anything that was left. These trash bags were full of so much of our junk. It feels so good to get rid of it all. The hardest things to part with were my baby items, like the basinet and car seat... tear.
We are exhausted though. As of tomorrow the house is up and I am so excited about it! I am not excited about keeping the house clean with the kiddos. I am not excited about showering, cooking, eating, or living in a house that we could get called out of at any minute. Any tips and pointers from those who have done it? I just hope we will seell quickly.

So for now, all we can do is sleep and snuggle when we can!


BrittanyB said...

I didn't know you were selling your house. . where are you moving?

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Are you staying in Dallas??? We are moving in 6 weeks and I am thrilllllllled to clean out some of our stuff. I think we are living in Florida or at least the south for a long time, which means we need to part with some of our winter clothes. We have so much I just don't know what to do with it all!! Makes me sad to think about donating it to good will, but we will probably put some in vacuum seal bags and keep when we visit colder places.

Alysha said...

where are you moving to?? i HATE selling a house. we took a lot of drives when we had showings. it was also winter here, so not many options of places to go... good luck! here's hoping it sells fast!

lumasblog said...

Jeni, Lysol/Clorox wipes are really handy for little touchups before you have to go. Also have a big basket and put everything that's out of place (toys, laundry, etc..) in it and put it in your car when leaving. Other than that, it is a pain having to be out of the house all the time, specially with kiddos, but I'm sure it'll sell quick! Good luck!

Libby said...

Is boots reunited with blankie?

emblair said...

Love the sign!