Sunday, April 15

Around town

Man, it is hard to keep a house perfectly spotless with 3 kids! We haven't really lived at home the last few days, but I cant complain because we have had 3 showings a day since we put it up on the market! Crossing my fingers!

Weve been doing the usual around here though library, gym, school, park, costco, soccer, and it is great. We are happy and healthy without a Dr visit for months! That feels good since sometimes I feel like we are always there! And discovering that the public library is a cool place to be, well that has been up at the top of my list for fun things to do and places to go. The kids all love the library. We get books, DVD's, and music each time and even Court has fun!

Of course when I got back on track to eat well (like ever monday, and tuesday, and wednesday...) There was free ice cream at Ben and Jerry's and we had to go with the kids and cousins. I didn't even eat it. I was proud of myself since Boots got my favorite flavor!

I have to just vent here for a second. I really do try to be healthy and I would love to be at my pre baby weight and goal weight, but it is so stinkin hard. I have been battling the last 5-10 lbs here for months! I go up and down 2-3 lbs each month and I cant seem to kick it. But going right along with that, I love food. I love naughty food. I dont like veggies, and healthy food takes so much preparation that honestly I just dont have time for. But I am trying to be good because I so badly want to just kick the last lets say 7 lbs.

To help me along with this, I have been meeting up with my 2 sis in laws at the gym a few times a week to do Zumba classes. They are so much fun! I am not a class person, and I have no rythm at all, but these classes are so great. We all can shake it and have fun without being scared of anyone judging me! I have also been running on the off days and doing spin classes as well. Those are another great way for me to feel like I am burning a bazillion calories. I walk out of there like someone just dumped a bucket of water on me. I love that!

So monday comes again tomorrow and here I go again! I usually dont like to write this kind of stuff on this blog, I have another secret blog with a few people that is just for eating and exercise success and struggles, but tonight I felt it was ok to share some of my inside struggle cause I am just so fed up with this crap of my spare tire.


aidanjordan said...

I am the same way. I am so much better during the week than the weekends. I think you look amazing though, so stop worrying about it!

emblair said...

I'm thinking I might need in on your secret blog. I have some serious twin flab to rid myself of. :)

And I agree with look amazing!

Alysha said...

i looove zumba! i cant wait to start feeling better so i can do it. i want in on your secret blog ;)

Calloways said...

What? Secret blog?? I want to know more about this! Not to mention, your nuts. You look awesome!

Cichy's said...

Ya, I think you look amazing also. But I am with you, I would love to lose the last 10 lbs. but I love naughty food also, the other stuff just doesn't cut it!