Thursday, April 12

1572 miles

1572. Thats how many miles away Nana and Grandad are from us.

We miss them so much and wish we could see them all the time. We also LOVE having them come to visit us. When Brian and I went on our trip to New Orleans, my wonderful mother came down to watch the kids. My favorite was the phone call one night "JENI, they wont go to bed. I dont know what to do." It was serious I could tell, but I also recognised the conversation. It was the exact conversation I have with my mom quit frequently, but I am on that end and this time it was her calling me. I had to laugh. Oh I am so grateful for my mum!
So they came in for conference weekend and we packed everything we could in considering my dad was here for 1.75 days. I am now going back and relistening to all of the sessions that I didn't get to hear with 3 kids crying, shouting, pouting, fighting, laughing, and talking my ear off that day. So far, it is all wonderful!

So We decided to go to breakfast at Breadwinners, yum, and then the Aquarium for the first time. The kids had a lot of fun. Water animals are so interesting! It probably didn't matter where we went though, as long as we had fun with Nana and Grandad (which is anywhere we are together!).

Seriously, greatest mom ever to watch our crazies for us and still love us! And greatest Dad ever to come and spend time here on his few days off his busy life. We sure wish yall would move here!!

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Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Your parents are the best!!! Cute family picture too! Ya, I can't wait to get the ensign and read through the conference talks. I'm glad I wasn't the only parent who barely heard a thing!