Sunday, April 8

Easter Sunday, and Saturday, and Friday

We have had such a fun Easter week! Natalie has been really interested in both the real meaning of Easter and the fun. We talked a lot about the crusifiction and resurection of Christ, Boots even told me on the way home from church that he got to see the resurected Jesus in primary! haha Also he was the spotlight today which means he got to tell all the kids what he likes (toast) and what his favorite thing is (going to friends houses) I think they both really enjoyed church today. I was awesome and didn't take any pictures in their adorable church outfits. Ill have to pretend another day.

Friday we had a school class Easter hunt and play date at the park.

Saturday we had a fabulous lunch and egg hunt over at Grandma and Papa's house. Dying eggs was fun too. Gotta love the stains on the kids clothes from that! This is one tradition I will never pass up. Love it. I even tried to blow a few into hollow eggs. My mouth hurt bad. I dont really understand that point to that.

Then we headed over to Yaya's house for another Egg hunt and bounce house fun!! Man, the kids were in dream land all day. Candy out their ears, easter bunnies, easter hunts, pure kid fun.

Then came Sunday. Natalie was very curious as to how the bunny would sneak in without waking anyone up and leave things in the right place for the right people. She decided that he tippytoes everywhere. They couldn't wait to find a basket with a few goodies. Then the bunny left an egg hunt in the backyard with all of the eggs we had dyed the day before.

So Happy Easter. I know that our Saviour died for us and I know that he lives again. I am so grateful for the knowledge that I have of the resurection and the beauty of the plan of salvation. I love my wonderful children and all of the good bad and ugly that they bring into our family. We are truly blessed to know what we know and have what we have.


Lynne said...

What else did Jesus tell you on the way home from church? Haha. I'm writing this at 30,000 feet during our flight from Minn. to Calgary!

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

Natalie is getting SO big! She is such a gorgeous little girl. So funny what she said about Jesus. Brinley isnt quite there understanding Easter or the true meaning lol. She just loves finding the eggs!

Alysha said...

Sounds like fun!! Your kids are sooo cute. I can't believe how big Courtney is getting.

aidanjordan said...

Cute pics!