Monday, April 23

A 3 hour tour

Brian and I, along with Anna Kathleen and Eric, had the chance to attend a Love and Logic parenting conference this weekend. It was great. I have been looking forward to this ever since I started reading the book “Parenting with Love and Logic” about 2 months ago.  As I have metioned previously, I have been really struggling for parenting methods that don’t make me feel like nothing is working. Timeouts – hate them, they don’t work for me. Yelling, clearly this isn’t a parenting method, but it was my go-to. Then you have the threats, and the ignore, and lastly you have the husband do it method. UG! I was in a rut. Well, I have to say that this book so far has been awesome.
I don’t know if the kids love it, or if it is so great for my kids, but it is helping me to feel like I am a better mom and be more calm and patient.
So we headed off to the parenting conference. It was 3 hours of great tips and advice and methods to use.
We also won the free draw for a parenting package of books on Early Childhood! SWEET! If anyone is interested in my notes or my thoughts in more detail, I will blog about it if I have requests... It was awesome.

So we are still struggling a lot with what to do and how to treat all the situations but we are learning, and we are trying to make good lasting changes for their good and for our good.  

Totally unrelated but adorable note... I cut Natalie some sweet adorable bangs this week too(Courtney's were already done last week) and they look so cute. Her favorite thing about them is that her hair doesn't get in her face at the park, or during soccer, or in the wind. 
On Friday night, we planned to do a family movie night. BUT of course I decided I wasn't going to cook. So I didn't... and we headed to Chuys to eat some Mexican grub and it was so good. Courtney ate so much food! She was fist fulling Salsa into her mouth so much we ended up having to take it away. fist fulls, no joke. Then by the time we got home, it was too late for a movie so The Muppet's had to wait for another night.
Boots has been showing some very sick signs and symptoms in the last few days. He is so funny, because he will complain about something, and then 10 minutes later you think he is fine because he is so busy! Well today was not like this at all. He was out of it and so tired. We got home from the Dr.(with negative results for strep) at 1230 and he went right to bed until 420 when I went in and woke him up. I wanted him to sleep tonight! Poor kid though, 104 fever and just feeling in the pits. I hate that. The only bonus with him is that he is way more chill and snuggly when he is sick like this. 

On Sunday I was asked to do something that was kind of a big deal and  kind of stressful for me. I was asked to speak at a youth fireside for some youth in our stake. I was terrified but it went great and even though I dont know if they got anything from the lesson I taught, I got a lot and loved it! 

AND... the best news of the night... I wont say much as my sister has yet to blog about it and I don't want to steal her thunder BUT... She had her 5th baby early this morning! GO LIBBY GO! Sure cant wait to see you and meet the new addition. You are my hero! I can barely handle 3 kids, and you are an incredible mother to 4 and now 5 kids. 


BrittanyB said...

Her bangs look really good! and I hope Boots feels better soon.

aidanjordan said...

I definitely want your notes and tips. I feel like I knoe exactly how to handle Joey- you give her two options: go to bed or stop misbehaving. Shelby, not so easy.

Natalie was so cute on Saturday, shwoing me how she could sweep her bangs to the side.

I hope Boots feels better soon! Do they think it could be allergy related? All this pollen has all of us feeling icky.

Audrey said...

Please share your notes! I'm floundering right now and every little idea helps.

I hope that Boots feels better soon. Other than the extra snuggles, sick kids are no fun.

Where are you guys moving to?

Anna@Exasperation said...

Uh Oh!!!!!! Looks like you're going to have to share your notes:) It was fun to go, and they were so much more entertaining than I expected, too.
Congrats to Libby and I hope Bootsy feels better soon:( We missed you at Zumba today! And without you running 7.5 mph next to me on the treadmill I couldn't even manage a quarter mile today! I had to walk:) Come back!

Meagan@Meagan Tells All said...

I am going to order that book right now. I think reading anything positive about parenting tips is beneficial! We are need to be better in some aspect when it comes to taking care of our kids!!! Must get that book! And yes, share what you've learned! I wanna know all the goods from the conference!

Um, Natalie's bangs???? And pony????? She is such a babe!

Brinley loves salsa too and we always have the super hot kind which stresses me out when she eats it but she just loves it so much! Cracks me up! She definitely gets that from her daddy....he can handle any heat given to him!

Seriously, go LIBS!!!! 5 kids? I think I need to take some lessons from her because my 1 right now is winning. LOL!!