Thursday, May 5

Theyre cool

I just got a call from Brian just to tell me he was on his way home from whatever he was doing tonight. These kind of phone calls happen all the time with us. We are very much in touch with eachother through out the day, and I am sure this drives him crazy. I just like to know where he is so I know when he will be home... so I know when to worry when he isn't home. You never know what could happen and I like to be informed. Anyway, not the point I am making here but on my way to it. So we talk all the time in a day, just short conversations. They can be anything from what do you want for dinner, when will you be home, Did the Mavs win the game last night, or a funny story I want to tell him about the kids. Well I am so happy to say that EVERY SINGLE phone call we have with eachother ends with I love you. We just had one like this:

Hi. Im on my way home.
Ok. See you soon.
Love you. Bye.

Isn't that awesome? I had never thought about it before but really I love that we do that. Just a little ditbit that noone else cares about but me!

So I think that the nickname BOOTS is slowly going to be phased out. Dont tell Brian because I think he would be so sad, but Stephen tells everyone he meets that his name is Steve. haha The other day at gymnastics he had a new coach and I thought he would be too shy to even tell her his name and as they were all leaving she came up and gave him a high five and said "See you late Steve! You did awesome today dude!" He loves it and just gives big smiles. He LOVES to find out about other people named Steve. When he realized that Grandad, my dad, was named that he was pumped. Then a family member moved to town who's name is Steve, awesome! And anyone he hears "Steve" He gets so excited. I do not have the guts to call him Steve as that is an adult name, but you never know, maybe it will grow on me like Stephen Did. But I do love Boots. That will be a hard one to say goodbye to!
We went to the pool today for the first time this year and it was sooo nice to just sit and relax, as much as you can with 3 crazies, and be in the sun. My kids are terrified of water going up past their knees but at least that makes them more cautious around it right?! haha easier for me! But today as we were out I was putting some sun screen on Stephen and I noticed something on his nose... on closer inspection he has FRECKLES! I was so excited to see these adorable little marks coming through on his cute nose!

This post is mainly just for me to feel better about not blogging in forever. I have been so busy that I havn't had time, but things are always happening that I think are blog worthy! For example, we went Laser Tagging this last weekend and it was so much fun. I have never been before and I seriously can't remember the last time I had that much fun, and we have a lot of fun! Also after 2 weeks of really not cooking once, I have been cooking all week and just want to put it out there that everything I have cooked has been awesome. That is rare for me.

Now Just a snippet on the girls. I love having them in my life. Natalie is a riot and she cracks me up all the time with her playing and singing and exaggerated everything. She is so theatrical in everything she does! But her hair is totally growing. I need to take a good picture of it but her bangs totally come over her eyes, and a few strands (maybe just one) touch the end of her nose! ahhhh! This is huge! I love that she sleeps with either a hat or a headband on every night. She will brush her hair for about 10 minutes before she goes to bed to make sure it is perfect.
Courtney is almost 8 months and I am amazed by that. She is still so little, yet not at all! She is moving around a lot, not crawling, but getting to everything around her. She is so happy and really truly never cries. She is just a joy to have with me all the time. She has started to say "BA BA" and Loves to eat. She is picky though and likes to stick to carrots, sweet potatoes, and cereal. not much of a fruit girl. She is messy and loves every bite of what she can get her little sticky hands on though!

So no pictures this post. I havn't had my camera out at all. But I will, and I will blog more. This is lame but, I miss my own blog!


aidanjordan said...

Oh noooooo! I don't know if I can handle saying goodbye to Boots! Haha! Oh, but I did notice that coach said Steve and I thought it was too cute and funny!

Meagan said...

I LOOOVE reading your blog :-) Ry and I always say i love you when ending phone calls too! I always feel guilty if I don't and usually text him I love you. I love to end conversations with it. My family wasn't so outwardly I love you to each other but when I married Ryan that totally changed. He says i love you to everyone (family members) at the end of phone calls. I think it is so important to tell your peeps you love them.

Yes, pics please!!!! aaaaand maybe a video :-) You should call Steven, Scuba Steve :-) that part is the best from Big Daddy!

Alysha said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who keeps tabs on their hubby (not in a bad way). i just like to know when he'll be home (I worry a lot about accidents...)

That'll be sad to drop his nickname. I keep thinking that about Will and calling him Wilbur. I can't think of calling him anything else.