Tuesday, May 24

Girls Talk

Lets talk about the girls:

NATALIE - We went to Hobby Lobby today. She was sweet as usually checking everything out, touching everything, talking to everything, and so on... well at one point she had stopped following me and I turned around to see what had caught her attention this time. She has a big grin and it looks like she is brushing her teeth. haha cute right? NOT. I look a little closer and she really is brushing her teeth, with one of those disposable little brush up toothbrushes that was sitting right there on a shelf. SICK! Someone Else's toothbrush in my little girls mouth. She just laughed and said "what mom?!".


Tonight after Telling a butterfly story and tucking Natalie in for bed, she came out really sad asking for me. Brian told her to go back to bed and she sadly and quickly went. I heard her whimpering, which isn't unusual. But I went in to talk to her. She was balled up at the bottom of her bed crying. I asked what was wrong and she proceeded to tell me that he MINI MOUSE boots were outside and the rain was going to ruin them. I promised her I would go out right then to get them. After she was content, I kissed her and said I love you. Her response was quiet but sweet. "Goodnight butterfly Queen!" haha so I said back "Goodnight Butterfly princess". I love the way that she loves her stories. Her face just lights up when I say certain things and I know she is pretending she is in the story!

She is getting really good at gymnastics. I am really proud of her and love to watch her. The pic above is her doing the limbo. Nice. 4 year olds trying this is hilarious!

COURTNEY- She is all over the place, not crawling but wants to and she can get around and reach ANYTHING she wants. And yes I know she is only 8 months old but she is now "saying" babababababa and dadadadadada. I swear dadadada is Daddy, and she knows it. ALSO I swear babababa is byebye and she waves her hand while she does it. I swear. haha She has started pulling herself up on things too, which mostly ends in face plants :(

MOMMA- Do you know what I hate? You buy a new shirt and it looks and feels like a normal Cotton shirt. You buy it at a non fancy place at your most favorite store. You wear it once and then you wash it. When you pull it out of the dryer, it looks really funny... and small. Then when you look at the label it says dry clean only! AHHHH I HATE THIS! There should be a warning and alert of shirts, especially tshirts that are dry clean only. So annoying. I loved it. Is there any hope for it? probably not. Unless you know some surefire way to fix a shirt?!

Then, I sat there tonight watching biggest loser with a bowl of popcorn on my lap. Smooth. I love to eat, and I am not strong. Brian made some and it smelt so good, I made him make me some too! I caved. But on the better note, I made this amazing weight watchers cake that I saw on my Cousin Gina's blog and it was awesome. Bad sad to this? I had 3, maybe 6 pieces of cake. It was so good. I am slightly, a lot, obsessed with food. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Our weekend was full of food, as always.

First we went to Taste of Addison. Lots of food, lots of fun. We went with Brians brothers and wives, and my cousin Heather and her hubs. It was rainy but fun and lots of good grub.

Then Sat we headed to six Flags for our friend Phils birthday. MORE FOOD? YES! Funnel cakes in Texas are amazing and this one had OREOS all over it, how can you pass that up? Seriously good. But I lost my voice and I am still recovering from screaming on every ride. I haven't been to an amuzement park kidless is a long long time, like before I had kids, and it was so much fun to ride the big ones and really let it all out. I can tell I am getting old though, because I was starting to get scared and claustrophobic!

I truly feel blessed to have such great family and friends all around me. Brian and I were talking about that the other day and we just feel so blessed. Not many people have the opportunity to love all of their family and get along great with them all, but also had not just one awesome couple and family to hang out with but MANY! It seems like every week we hang out with a different family and we so much fun with all of them!

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Meagan M said...

I love the update! Your girls are so cute! And you really are so blessed to have so many family and firends around. Your life sounds like one big party!

by the way...I just did the exact same thing to my favourite shirt too! honestly it felt like regular cotton so who would have thought. I also just recently ruined my favourite jean jacket. I cried. I love my clothes that much...so when something happens to them I cry. lame.