Saturday, May 7


Growing up in Canada it was tough to get into pro sports like I have been able to here. Not that I was trying at all growing up, but now that it is in my face all the time, I have become a huge fan of the Dallas teams. This year The Mavs are in the playoffs and this round was with the Lakers. Brian surprised me last night with tickets and we were both soo excited to go see Kobe Live. So Yes we love our team but I also have a love of Kobe. I know you either Love him or hate him. He is good, real good. And lets be honest, hes kinda really good looking(again you either Love him or hate him). So to be able to see Kobe live was really cool for us!
The whole place was a "blue out" so they had blue shirts on every ones seat so everyone would be in the same royal blue. The mood and energy in there can only be described as ELECTRIC. It was soooo awesome. We left Hoarse and soo happy that we won game 3, which makes us one game away from advancing. I have a feeling it will be a SWEEP!!!

Before we went we went to a little place called La Duni for some South American food. IT WAS AMAZINGLY GOOD! This just hit the top of our list for good places to eat. That's another thing there is no shortage of here, especially when you compare to Calgary. But not only was the food excellent, service excellent, but there is a bakery that just won best of Dallas and the piece of cake we had was as Brian said "The best cake I have ever had in my life". So good.

Now for the pictures I was too lazy to get out earlier. My lovies. Since Mothers Day is tomorrow Brian went out with the kids this morning to let them get their Mothers Day gifts. They are so sweet to me! I just couldn't resist their cuddles this morning at 6am(normally I send them back to bed).

#1. Courtney - Sweet

#2. Boots - Curious (and classy, he likes to go commando when no one notices)

#3. Natalie - SASSY, although this picture just shows her sweetness.


abby and paxton said...

boots, i mean Steve going commando... hehe. That's cute he wants to go by Steve.
that mavs game mustve been fun!! its cool you got free shirts too! yay.
so, pax & i keep in touch throughout the day too, like you guys. i never thought much about it, but i like that we do that too.
you guys do so many fun things all the time!! we are so boring- i wanna be like you!
and, weren't you going to run the half today?

lynne said...

That stadium is so enormous! Do you use binoculars?

Wiseguys said...

Yeah, Jaxon loves going commando, too. But Chris gets mad. He always says, we can afford underwear, this isn't South America :) Whatever. Less work for me.

And when are we getting together again? It's been a while!