Tuesday, March 1


Brian was playing with the kids the other day and Natalie looked up at Brian and said "Daddy, you are like Lucifer!" He was shocked and asked her why he was like Lucifer. She went on to explain that he was like a kitty cat crawling around on the floor and finally he realized that she was talking about the cat from Cinderella, Lucifer.

I wish I had video of that girl doing the things she does, because she cracks me up. I watched 20 min of her dance class today and watching Natalie try to do pirouettes is the funniest thing to see. She leans down and pulls her toes apart, because her feet cant do it on their own. And then her whole body does a front bend trying to curtsy. Oh, she is doomed to be uncoordinated like me. Poor thing.

Courtney was looking extra sweet yesterday and so I whipped out the camera to document her little life. There is no peace anywhere in our little house, so of course we were joined by #1 and #2.

Now, there is something I do not understand. You peeps out there who have time to sew and craft and cook and clean and actually spend time with your kids and take them where they need to be and make sure everyone gets food and gets clean and sleeps etc etc etc, HOW DO YOU DO IT? I only have 3 and they aren't even in school yet but I feel like I need an extra 6 hours in the day to get done everything I need to get done. Either I really suck at time management or I have just gone crazy. How do you do it? I have a stack of crafts and "to do" things but cant ever seem to get to them. Its too bad we BARELY miss the kindergarten cut off next fall because another year with 3 at home - lets just say I am not sure how this is going to work out.

I will tell you what I am squeezing in though, my training. I am up to 8 miles this week for my long run and I am feeling great. Yesterday I did a 4 miler at 9.5 min miles. I am super proud of the number because it seems like I have been doing around an 11 min mile until then. So I am 4.5 weeks into the training 5.5 weeks left. I haven't missed a day (other than Sunday) and I don't plan to either!

This is our "library", at least that is what the kids call it. Since we moved Natalie out of the room, it cleared up a bunch of space under the bunk and so in moved the books and the chairs and.... LIBRARY. Instant fun, at least for 2 minutes until Books starts ripping up books. I spent about an hour yesterday taping some books back together. Flap books are no good over here. I remember Natalie going through that phase where she would just rip them out, and now Boots is in that phase and it sucks. I feel like I cant let him play with the books!

And I just have to shout out to the most popular person in our home, Justin. That is the Bieber. We "heart" him around here. Boots knows most of the words to all of his songs and has been asking to go see his movie. I guess it was kinda dirty, but last night after the kids went to bed Brian and I went to go see Never Say Never, his movie. So I know there are a lot of non Beliebers out there, but seriously this kid is amazing. His songs are not just poppy and catchy, he is so talented. I promise that if you doubt him, go see this movie and you will fall in love too. It is only in theatres until Friday, and I totally want to go again (I wont) but I want to.

I am not afraid to say it - I love JB.


Becca said...

Belieber all the way baby. Your kids are adorable and you are super mom.

Lynne said...

that first picture is a framer!! Courtney is sooooo cute, can't wait to see her again!!

Sean said...

What bed is that where you took pics? Looks like a cute color! I want to snuggle that Court...she is adore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nan's hair is growing! And Boots...he would get along with Char just fine with book ripping!

Emma and John said...

I actually want to see that movie too! Do you think I could convince John? :) Marian is totally in the ripping up books phase too- must be a two year old thing.

Heather said...

You can only imagine the Bieber fever at my house with Katie. We saw it opening weekend in 3D and she has seen it again after that. We have t-shirts, posters, stickers and ringtones for our iPhones!

Anonymous said...

First, you are NOT the only one who has a problem with time management! I SERIOUSLY have the same problem! But I think what has helped me very much since trying to make a good time management goal is this:
Daytime- Kids and House (and Kids HELPING with the House)
After Bedtime- My Time
So since I want that My Time, I've made it a point to put them to bed ON time! It's helped a lot! And seriously, it's that simple! If I complicate it too much, then I just don't want to do anything ever!

Second, I want to see that move so freaking bad. It's just so fascinating to me! I'm glad you thought it was good! :) I am a JB fan as well!

Jill said...

put her in pre-k. That will give you at least half a day with only two children.