Thursday, February 24

Jus Chillin

I look like rudolph right now. I have been trying to re-learn how to curl my hair with a curling iron right? I mean I knew how the old way, but hair styles change so much and I have to learn the new "it" ways to do and curl your hair... so I was trying and of course I got to my growing out bangs that get pinned back anyway. I thought to myself "hm, I should just straighten them with this curling iron instead of plugging in my straightener!" a little straighten action was easily done, till I did just ONE LAST TIME and sizzle. I totally burnt the tip of my nose.Bad. Blister has now turned into big red scab. sick.

Happy note, I got a new camera for Christmas, which I returned, and then went and bought myself another one a few weeks ago. I love it. So we have just been having fun playing around with the fun features. Brian has absolutely no interest in these "fish eye" etc features as he sees NO REASON to ever use them. But love my new clicker!
Man do I love my kids. They are my everything. They make me laugh and scream all day long. I want to hug them and then pull my hair out all in one minute, sometimes a second.
Today they were playing outside in the 86 degree weather, yuck, and Natalie ran in in a panic. "MOM!! MOM!! There are bugs!" I try to explain to her that when you are outside there are bugs, that just happens. She is still terrified and shocked every time she goes out and finds one though. She will SCREAM until I come to save her. The other day there was a TINY little nat or fly type of thing on the trampoline, and she wouldn't budge. She was flipping out! So anyway, today she runs in to tell me about this bug, and with terror in her voice she explains that it is a "pire ant" which in Natalie means Fire Ant. We do get these around occasionally but no biggie with pest control. So Natalie continued to explain the situation to me: "Mom, there is a pire ant and it was really big and it looked at my toe!" She looked at me waiting for me to be horrified at this information. So I went out to check it out and of course there was nothing, but she refused to step on the grass at all. When I went back in and shut the door, she stood there screaming out of fear until I let her in. What a wuss! haha She cracks me up! Man, I probably scared her with my spider experiences (I scream when I see one, and I have done it around the kids).

And boots this week has been really into his pirate pants. Like the ones from his Halloween costume. He wants to wear there all the time, everywhere we go. I can occasionally deal with a little princess dress up, but this? haha It is ridiculous, but so cute I have to let him do it.

But today the not so cute kid thing happened. There is always something with these 2. I dont like them to be in the bathroom because they LOVE the soap, and the toothpaste, and the toilet paper, and the water, and the toilet, and the hair gel, and anything else they can get their hands on. Their "thing" of the week is doing little baths in the sink for her barbies or pony's, or in this pool.

Super fun right? Totally! So Brian taught Natalie how to plug up the sink so she could put a little water in and play. BIG MISTAKE when today they weren't even in the bathroom, but had plugged it and left the water running. Can you say OVERFLOW! I was out on a run so I couldn't get the picture of this wonderful event, but both kids were in serious time outs when I got home. I am beginning to think I shouldn't leave the house EVER!

side note, the locks on the bedroom door are working out great. Kinda cramping his nighttime peepee runs, but I will deal with that if I dont have to deal with the other option!

Natalie in Courtney's room is having its ups and downs. She is so excited to have baby in there that she feels like she has to put her babies in the crib to comfort Courtney and touch her head/hands/body when they are trying to go to sleep. This is a problem since we are "let your child cry" type of parents. Parents who have done this... does it get better and go away? PLEASE SAY YES!


Lynne said...

Looks like great fun giving barbie a bath!! And I would freak out too if a fire ant was looking at my toes!! so funny!

Proud Momma said...

She is hilarious...don't worry, Brayden always wears his halloween costumes around the house...lately it's his ninja costume!