Tuesday, March 15


We have a family of 5 and we are all awesome. My kids are the best and so is my hubby. So this post is really just to post the random pictures I take of their awesomeness...

Boots and Natalie(aka little Bo peep) entranced by Elmo, this is the first time EVER I have let them watch a whole Sesame Street and they LOVED it.

Obviously Boots has some killer muscles.
Natalie did a fashion show and her "babies" all watched, one of the audience members was very lively!
Late night with Boots. He hasn't done well with the whole day light savings and just doesn't like going to sleep, surprise surprise! So we let him stay up late and watch some TV with us. He loved it.
Awesome Aunt Kathleen.
Awesome "Dinosaur Hair"
Awesome "Unicorn Hair"
Daddy is Awesome to give me beautiful flowers for our 6 year anniversary last week. You are the best hubs ever babe! Seriously, life wouldn't be anything without you! Happy A day! Thanks for celebrating at a stake church basketball tournament. Thats Love!
And the new canopies in the girls room. Bad picture, cute canopies.

Awesome Hair
And Again an awesome Daddy.
and now I am off to GIRLS CAMP FOR AN AWESOME WEEK!!!!


Meagan said...

I just love your little family!!!!!!!!!!!

BrittanyB said...

how are you going to girls cam in march?!

Alysha said...

so cute! i love random pictures. I wish I took more of them. Thanks for the reminder to do it :)
Have fun at camp

chase said...

Natalie's hair is KILLER in that last pic. Love that girl.
And Boots' muscles? He's going to have to check out his sister who is CUT to get some muscle building advice.

Chi-townRawlins said...

Oops, that was me, not Chase:)

Meagan M said...

Your kids are so cute and perfect and full of spunk! I love it!

Julie said...

This was an AWESOME post. I love it that you embraced the awesomeness of your family. And why are you going to Girls Camp in March????