Monday, February 21

More Crazies

I don't know what my deal is, I always say that I will do a better job of blogging more since this is what I use as my journaling these days. But here I go again, almost a week has gone by and I am stuck with a ton of pictures and stories and I will probably forget most of it! I say I don't know what my deal is, but really lets get serious. It is because I am crazy and have 3 kids who are all 4 and under at home all day every day. At least they are ADORABLE!
This last week and today have been crazy. I want to pull my hair out sometimes, like last night. So Lets just start off by talking about our crazy crazy weather. It was in the 80s last week. Just take a look back a few posts and you will see the 12 degree weather and snow. This week was sweaty and outside everyday! And Penguin days at the zoo (cheap admission) so we took advantage!
That isn't the crazy part. The crazy part comes as no surprise to me, BOOTS.
Saturday I went out on a run, a 6 mile run to be exact. This is the longest I have run in 5 years. YEAH for me! So I was gone for a little while, and as I was leaving the house I distinctly remember telling Brian that if he wants a nap, do go do it on the couch so he can hear the kids when they get up from their naps.
I leave... I come back... I find this...
CLOSER LOOK: Spilt Gatorade all over the carpet, a can of whipping cream, and an entire snack pack "pack" of Pringles. That is like 6 mini containers of pringles. Then there were juice boxes and twizzler packages as well. What is this kid thinking? And more importantly what was Brian thinking sleeping in our bed with his ear plugs in?
Speaking of sleep, this is something Stephen hasn't been getting a lot of lately. He has been waking up in the night on and off now for months and some nights are horrible, some are not so bad. He usually will fall out of bed a few times in the week, but nothing that even wakes him up - obviously!

So Last night was my final straw with this kid. He got up at 930, 12, 1230, 1, 130, 2, 230, 3 and then again at 330. (The times are an estimate but close enough) He wanders into our room each time and either just stands beside my bed and sucks his blanket, or he whines about something that doesn't make sense. So each time we bring him back to his bed and tell him to go back to bed. We have had to start more strict discipline though because it is so out of control, and we sometimes give cold showers. Don't worry they are fast, and I am telling you - nothing else works. So he actually had gotten 2 already by the last time he got up to come in our room. Brian put him back again, and 30 min later we hear giggling. Last time this happened Boots was up on Natalie's bunk naked jumping on her bed at 4 am. So Brian goes to check it out and Boots had gotten 2 yogurts out of the fridge, opened them for him and Natalie and they were both in the toy room with their pillows and blankets eating them with their fingers. Natalie was still kinda out of it and tired, but boots was alert as ever. He had been up since midnight pretty much too, since he never really went back to sleep.

AHHHHH! What is he thinking? So today we invested in a bedroom door lock, a fridge lock, and moved Natalie right on our of that room. She and Courtney are sharing now. No more bacon runs, yogurt runs, or bedroom runs for that Mr. Boots. I am tired just thinking about last night!

Courtney is by far the most popular one in our house on a daily basis though. She is happy and sweet and loves getting kisses from Nat and Boots. She actually has no choice and I am sure she really doesn't love it all the time, but she gets it! When moving A bed back into Court's room today for Natalie, we had to move the change table up to the attic for more space, and I have to say, something about that move made me very very sad. I am pretty sure we will be having another baby sometime in the future, at least we would love to, but I am still so sad to be putting it away! That has been happening with so many things for me. I know I could never be a hoarder, but sometimes I find myself having a hard time letting go of things. #1 thing I am guilty of, my old sewing machine sits old and broken in the attic but I refuse to throw it away, it was my Moms first and it is kinda sentimental to me! It cant be fixed and is useless but still! haha I have issues!


Cris, Jon, Austin and Ethan said...

So SO SSSSSSSSOO funny that boots got into all the goodies, I can't tell you how many times My boys have. It must be a guy thing...they don't have baby duty 24/7 so they must forget that crazy things happen in a matter of minutes.
PS, WAY to go on the 6're amazing!

jayme said...

I think boots and Dylan would be great friends. He loves midnight snacks too.

Heather said...

Oh boy, Jeni that boots is a real monkey! Can't wait to see you this week. Where is the Zoo???? I need you to fill me in on all this stuff!

lynne said...

I'm tired just thinking about that night with boots!, crazy kid!! Darling pics of Courtney and the one of Natalie posing at the zoo is hilarious!!

BrittanyB said...

oh wow, I don't know what I'd do if my kids got up that often. I'd be pulling their hair out not mine! We lock Sammy in at night too and it has worked wonders!

Sean said...

AH...I think you definitely made the right decision to lock that boy up and change rooms with Nat...they are not good together! How do you get a change table up to an attic?