Tuesday, February 15

Lovey Love

I am not scared to admit that I love Valentines Day. I mean, I do have a man that shows me he loves me and tells me he loves me every day, but it is always fun to have a holiday just for that! We made and decorated sugar cookies(thanks libby for your too delishious recipe), and then made a mess with glitter for some valentines.
Then in the mindset of being healthier, I received an EDIBLE bouquet of pineapple, grapes, and strawberries from my hubby this year. I LOVE chocolate covered strawberries, so those were my fav. Apparently those were the kids too since they ate THEM ALL! We then went out to CARRABBAS for dinner, for our favorite Italian dishes. Oh I am watering at the mouth just thinking about how good my dinner was.
We got home to a cookie bouquet sent from Nana and Grandad thanks you guys - we Love it!
Brian and I spent the night thinking back on the good old days. "When I was a kid" type of days. I dont know what started the convo but we went off about cassette tapes, 8 tracks, and then started thinking about computers and how far we have come in the 2000's. When I was in elementary school they JUST got a computer lab (in like 4 th grade) and I remember going in to the old school computers and learning to type and use the keyboard. Then in high school Internet came out, which was a crazy thing to learn. We talked about our cell phones and when we got our first ones, mine was in high school. I had an emergency only phone in my glove box that really didn't ever get used. In college, 2nd semester I finally "gave in" to the trend and got one. Brian didn't get his first until we got married. Even then we didn't have texting because Brian thought it was something that would die off. haha OHHH how even those times have changed. Basically we just realized what amazing things have happened in the last 10-15 years.
On Sunday the girls looked so pretty for church, and boots had already changed (since he does it the second he gets in the door with a big "ahhhh" sigh of relief- literally) so I tried to get a quick shot of them. Courtney always always has this look on her face, tongue out, double chin, and just a blank stare. I will catch a smile and a cute picture of all 3 kids one day.
Now I just need to touch on boots for a second. He always drives me crazy, but this week he has shown an extra interest in the toilet. When he was younger he would do this, and I thought he was over that stage of his life. WRONG. Yesterday he took himself #2, then emptied most of the toilet paper roll into the toilet, with a lot of overhang onto the floor (like something you would see in a book), and then he added a few toys on top of it all and all mixed in. I pretty much rotate putting the bathrooms in quarantine with this kid. When I find this I have to close it all down long enough for me to disinfect since I despise toilet water, and toilet anything.
So today I was standing there talking to my mom on the phone when I hear the sucking sound coming from behind me. He was standing over the toilet, holding one of Natalie's slippers. It was dripping wet into the toilet and he was sucking on it drinking the water. SON! If you are that thirsty, seriously I will get you a drink! EWWWW! I don't know what to do with him. It is always something.
The weather is back up to beautiful 70 degrees today, and it is funny how fast I can go from "It is so cold here!" to "Ug I am totally sweaty today!" I need to just not complain and be positive about whatever the weather is. At least it isn't 20 and at least it isn't 100!


BrittanyB said...

What is wrong with these little boys!?!?! Sammy was eating leaves in the yard yesterday. sick!

aidanjordan said...

BOOTS! That boy cracks me up.

Wiseguys said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is annoyed that it is in the 70's right now. Sheesh, can't we just find a happy medium? I'm okay with the 40's and 50's. I NEED a break from the heat in February :)

Sean said...

omg Jeni...that kid is something else!